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  1. Spencer Ware is really the best FA RB they could find?
  2. Looks like Ertz is a decoy. Ran routes At 1/2 speed after he returned and never looked back for the ball.
  3. I’m always amazed at stories of trades in a fantasy football league. Every league I’m in it seems like people don’t even counter a trade offer (let alone accept it) unless you offer them a starter for a depth piece.
  4. Depends whether or not Everett returns. An Everett return next week makes it difficult to start either guy with any confidence IMO.
  5. So frustrating to own this guy. Glad he came through this week...just hope we get a good Julio game next week also and he doesn’t suddenly remember he’s allergic to the end zone.
  6. I know Mahomes is great and all, but between the injuries and some mediocre games do we feel that he justified his ADP this year? AKA would you take him next year around the same adp as you did this year? I had him in 1 of my 5 leagues and am honestly having trouble assessing whether or not he was worth the 3rd round pick.
  7. I just noticed that Josh Allen amassed a whopping 139 yards passing in this win. Disgusting.
  8. Wow bills making this interesting with a couple bonehead penalties.
  9. A desperate 4th down heave into the end zone amid double coverage isn’t exactly what I was talking about, but sure.
  10. I know duck is young and all but I’m surprised they haven’t taken more shots deep this game. Washington has a couple of long receptions and the defense is sitting on all of these short routes all night. Maybe you get lucky with a PI - doesn’t hurt to take a few shots. Especially when you can’t get any points on the board all night.
  11. Jets fan here. I’d start Gesicki. The jets are not great against the TE even with Adams in. With Adams out, I expect a good day for Gesicki. I like Higbee with Everett out, but I feel like he’s very boon/bust with so many mouths to feed in LA. Goedert is third of the bunch IMO. Good luck!