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  1. I would still do the trade. Drummond is huge. Also, there aren't any better players on the wire to replace Finney-Smith, Coby White, and Hardaway Jr. unless those are your streamer spots?
  2. Looks like a decent trade. Once Isaac comes back, you'll be tops in defensive stats.
  3. I would do the trade. You don't need two guys killing your FG% in Graham and Young.
  4. I would go with Porzingis. Combination of blocks and threes from a big man is invaluable.
  5. If I were him, I would be fed up too. Sexton has terrible court vision and plays pretty selfishly. No one can really run a solid PNR with Love on that team. The only player who could and has the potential to would be Garland, but he's still too raw and by no means an NBA ready point guard. Good luck to Love wherever he ends up. #FREELOVE
  6. He is a monster in that zone the Wizards are playing against the Knicks. Insane how good his instincts are, but also not surprising given his dad killed it defensively. Enjoy the ride!
  7. Greinke just took himself out of the game. Might have to do something with his back, but nothing looked bad. Hopefully only precautionary. Dbacks were up anyways so no point in overexerting himself. Update: Looks like it might be right trapezoid tightness.
  8. WILLANS. Never fails to impress me.
  9. RIP fantasy baseball 2019. I'm joking - been playing fantasy for about a decade, but I can't remember pitchers getting wrecked this bad during the beginning of the season. Greinke just gave up a home run to Renfroe. RIP RIP RIP.
  10. Looks like Sale is topping out at 91 on his fastball. Is this right? And there goes a HR to Chappy.
  11. Got sent to the G League. What does this mean for dynasty owners?