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  1. Traded 19 year old Soto for Jon Lester and Peraza cause I needed pitching to try to win it all. Lester went on to bomb completely along with my chances of winning the League.
  2. I like Garrett Richards. Solid buy at his price. Thanks for help with mine!
  3. Soroka. Thx for help with mine!
  4. I'd go bregman, Mondesi, Marte, Cole, and Bieber. You said it yourself that there would be a lot of talent in the free agent pool so I would hold onto that second round pick in case I wanted to go in a different direction then Degrom. Thx for help with mine!
  5. Agree with this. Nice value and some good power and speed. Help?
  6. If you could work that second trade I'd do it. If not I'd probably take Bieber. You definitely need a SP. Help?
  7. 10 team AL east and NL only 5x5. Ten player keeper. Do I keep Carson Kelly $5, Nick Anderson $6, Hyun-Jin Ryu $4, or Joe Musgrove $4? Closers are tough to come by in this league that's why I'm Strongly considering Anderson. My other keepers are Will Smith $8, Josh Bell $6, Gavin Lux $4, Eugenio Suarez $20, Bo Bichette $5, Rhys Hoskins $14, Fernando Tatis Jr. $7, Victor Robles $9, and Brandon Woodruff $12. All of the potential keepers can be kept for three more years including 2020. Help and WHIR!
  8. I think you got it right. Gallo and Sano. Thx for help with mine!
  9. I like Verlander for Vlad if you only get to keep for one more year. Verlander is elite and one of the best in the game while Vlad is coming off a disappointing rookie season. 3B is also a deep position. I feel that Verlander at $24 offers value, especially if you have to pay $40-$50 at the draft. GL and thx for helping with mine!
  10. 10 team NL and AL east only Standard 5x5 league. I have Lux at $4 and Lowe at $9. Both are 2B eligible only. I can keep Lux for 4 years at slightly increased price each year and 3 years for Lowe. My other offensive keepers are Will Smith $8, Josh Bell $6, Eugenio Suarez $20, Bo Bichette $5, Rhys Hoskins $14, Fernando Tatis $7, and Victor Robles $9. My other two keepers are pitchers. Help and WHIR!
  11. Without naming names, Reds manager David Bell said Wednesday that he'd like to have one of his best hitters batting second. That seems like bad news for Jose Peraza. It's assumed that Bell is leaning towards having Jesse Winker lead off, and instead of going with the old common practice of batting a fast guy second, it sounds like he's willing to put Joey Votto or Eugenio Suarez there. Peraza took a nice step forward last year, but it still resulted in only a .326 OBP. If he's batting towards the bottom of the order, as might be the current plan, his fantasy value would take quite a hit. What's the consensus on this guy now that it seems he will be dropping in the order? Roster resource already has him hitting seventh. I see his runs and steals taking a huge hit, with maybe a few more RBI. Not good for those of us who own Peraza.
  12. Can Hiura play SS? Gotta figure if he can Arcia would be the one on the bench, at least against righties.
  13. They were beta testing an app last year. I Dled it to my phone and have found it easier to use than their old app. It's basically the website but with quick links to different sections of app. While its not perfect it is certainly better than using a browser and I feel like Fantrax has enough to offer otherwise to justify a switch from other sites.
  14. Anyone have any idea what’s going on in philly(who looks good, who doesn’t)? This closer by committee deal is driving me bananas.