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  1. Seattle Seahawks! If Pete Carroll retires, give me a call. *Wink*
  2. Russell, I am not angry at you. I am disappointed in you.
  3. "Blue" medical tent? Are there color grades?
  4. Russell Wilson! I call upon your power!
  5. I understand, completely. Just (desperately) trying to have fun during this disastrous playoff week.
  6. Ouch! That tackle on Kelce would have killed me.
  7. Agreed. I lived in Massachusetts for the better part of a decade, and, although I respect what the Patriots have achieved, as a native Ohioan, fans of the Patriots need to experience the humility of growing up a Bengals enthusiast. (At least for a season or two).
  8. Me, too. (It's not going to happen).
  9. Jeepers-age-crackers! Garbage time for Jags already? (Hopefully).
  10. 40 points scored and ANOTHER TD-less game for Julio. AARGH!!!
  11. Agreed. I'm expecting RB1 points from Hunt this week.