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  1. I wouldn't do it.. giving up too much imo.
  2. I think it's pretty fair. Singletary could start gaining more traction. Williams so far is bust (from projections). he's getting the targets, but can't find the end zone. So, from their perspective, they could have potential boomers.
  3. Definitely do this trade if you can get the other team to go for it (weighted heavily in your favor imo).
  4. I would consider trading Kelce.. not CMC. You're not going to get the same value from any other single player.
  5. I would gamble on Singletary. Kerryon isn't all that special imo, and facing a very tough D.
  6. I think I would do this. Mixon might as well be dead behind Cinc OLine. A lot going wrong in Cleveland and OBJ hasn't done anything (yet). Mixon and OBJ could both have blow up games, but my guess is there will be more dips than peaks. Bell/Golladay/White seem more consistent.
  7. His Michel and Henry Hunter for my David Montgomery. I just lost Dissley, so I only have Everett right now (will probably pick up Fells on waivers). My RBs are fairly slim as is - A Jones, Ekeler, Duke Johnson and Montgomery (have Darrel Williams, but he's not worth anything unless another injury). I really don't foresee Montgomery doing a whole lot this year, but I think as the season goes on, and next year (keeper league), his value could (should?) increase significantly. Right now I think it's a good deal, but long term not sure. And can Henry stay healthy?
  8. Yeah...that's my reasoning too.. I think Chubb will be more consistent than Ekeler, but Ekeler's going to have those moments. There's also some salary cap considerations.. Not feasible to keep both Rodgers and Murray next year, so trying to get something out of Rodgers now (I think Murray > Rodgers long term). But Murray is def going to have growing pains along the way.
  9. I don't think it's too high.. you're upgrading a starter (cook > henry), and giving up two bench players to make up the difference (Baker is inconsequential other than depth for you). Depending on the other team's needs, not sure I would give up Cook.. but if I had depth at RB, and needed a QB upgrade, then maybe.
  10. I wouldn't give up barkley for those. Williams/McCoy are time share, juju is nothing special. you have at best a couple of mid/low 2s for a top 3 back in the league.
  11. If you can get Chub.. do it. I would not give up Chub for those two though. bonafide number 1 for two mid/low-end number 2s (last week notwithstanding).
  12. JuJu for Kittle. JuJu is probably your number 3 right now anyway.. Kittle would your starter for sure.
  13. Zeke and Kirk. With Fitz continuing to age, Kirk should start to get more looks. Zeke > Fournette
  14. take it! Getting CMC is huge. OBJ and Bell's names are bigger than their stats. Both are playing on crappy teams, and haven't done well, and nothing to say that will change. If Chark and Goodwin continue to produce, you'll never miss OBJ.