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  1. Definitely thought Ertz was going to regress, and wasn't targeting him, but he fell to the 6th round and I thought the "value" was too high not to pick him. I guess I was wrong.
  2. He's right Yahoo added that 15 yeard catch a few minutes later.
  3. Yeah I did too, but in one Yahoo league I get the TD and in the other I don't. Its peculiar, the settings for scoring are the same too.
  4. Anyone getting differences in the Buffalo Defense? In one league I have the TD return at the end and in another it doesn't count. Settings appear the same for both leagues...
  5. Lol, 1st and goal at the 1, 4 passing plays. I kind of miss the old school football...
  6. I'm doing the exact same thing although I could see Josh getting some garbage time points.
  7. Well at least Mccoy looks great! Lots of pie in the face for some people...
  8. Well thanks Chiefs beat writers for having me move out Mccoy last minute. Christ!
  9. I love AP. I can't believe he's still running so well. Now that he's fully healthy he looks great.
  10. Is Conner for sure coming back next week? I'd love to roll with this guy in the championship game.
  11. It doesn't matter.. he is the lead back in a Reid offense, especially this offense...
  12. I'm not sure why Ware owners are complaining... You had a shot of picking up the great Damien.
  13. Watching Mike eat as a Keenan owner is sad but luckily Damien is easing the pain! Gotta love fantasy football highs and lows!