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  1. I can’t decide which side of this argument is right. I sway back and forth Between bargain and Bust (if he gets traded) with every post. Picking 8th and 13th puts him right in my wheelhouse too
  2. I didn’t know where to put this so it’s here, do we expect the ball to still be “juiced” this year? I read some predictions with the caveat of “if the ball is still juiced this year” well last year, ball juiced = higher ratings = more $. So I can’t see mlb saying nah all those ratings and extra $ was terrible let’s fix the ball so we make less money. Can’t we expect the ball to stay... lively?
  3. I haven’t started this cat since week 5 but now it’s him or Washington and I’m leaning towards the LA side of Oakland lasvegas San Diego losangeles
  4. He’s in for me. Because it’s either him or mike Evans!
  5. No bell, no o-line, no defense, fitzmagic dropping bombs on the other side. Throwing the ball 60 times in a Shootout?
  6. Do we think he misses his sweet weeks 15-16 schedule of Miami Washington? I mean that’s a pretty amazing playoff schedule
  7. As a Carson owner I just spent the rest of my faab on penny so that I can sit them both on the bench the rest of the year. So that’s awesome.
  8. The world’s jaggiest jag in the world.