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  1. A tale of 2 players last year. He really floored out once the league adjusted. the good news: Donaldson is gone so he only has Camargo to beat, and camargos versatility makes him suited to a bench role. Also positive reports of his swing work in the offseason (yawn I know) but by god does the power play. Maybe good at a discount this year?
  2. I’m reading a lot of rumors that strop is going to sign in Miami. That makes a lot more sense. He would immediately close
  3. With his getting injured last year AGAIN, and the signing you note above on Kim (thereby filling the rotation), I’d be shocked if he gets a chance to start. but I’m biased, with a big money league relying on him as a closer keeper
  4. But abdullah has never been great as a pass catcher/hands and this guy was a converted WR. Doesn't make sense. But, if it's any consolation, this will to down in fantasy lore
  5. My gut says he has to have been nicked up for him to lose 100% of the snaps in the 2nd half after his first carry for no gain. Unless he whiffed on a pass block or something...
  6. Thank you rotoworld hype machine! My opponent benched Aaron jones for Boone at the last minute and I win by a narrow margin!!! league champs baby!
  7. Stacy Jo Rost @StacyRost · 1m RB Chris Carson now also declared out (in addition to Prosise)
  8. Chris Carson (hip) is questionable to return, CJ Prosise (arm) is out and Rashaad Penny is on IR.
  9. [...] im a firm believer in the notion that if you got to the finals you should start your same lineup that got you there bc it’s all a crapshoot anyway, but the logical part of my brain can’t see any reason to predict even a 10 point game from TB. that said, my gut says that Tom and bill have one more “eff you you’re still the bills and we are still the pats” game in fox borough left in the tank and so I gotta take that risk. If I had won fitzmagic I may have made the same call, but now I have no other choice
  10. Eagles fan here. Giants run D is good on paper but the skins made it clear last week that he is the centerpiece of their offense. Against my eagles (better vs run than NYG) Showed plenty of moves, shaking defenders in the backfield, and outran our whole defense on that td. He caught a few passes. Where’s the hate coming from?
  11. Miller Godwin and Evans out. Should be 35 targets to split up between perriman, Watson, Howard, RBs, etc. most of whom are widely available as finals streams. It’ll be tough to predict who gets what but I love periman as a wr2, Howard as a te 1 and Watson and the rest as strong flexes. Facing the 26th ranked pass D per rotoworld
  12. Quietly had 8 pts in ppr last week, should get increased targets with Evans Godwin and miller out. He’s in my top 5 TE plays this week