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  1. Another bomb tonight. 3-4, 1hr, 1bb, 0k Ops now 1.226 Excited to see what he does to that AAA ball.
  2. You might want to re-check this. He would start Tues at Baltimore, but the SF start would be the following Monday, so not a 2 start week... He did hit 97 on one of his fb’s in the first inning but you can probably chalk that up to adrenaline from his big league debut, as he was more 92-95 for most of the game. I was impressed he struck out the side in his last inning of work, although he did get a little help from some generous calls on the outside edge of the plate. I’m cautiously optimistic.
  3. This comment sounds like it’s coming from someone who doesn’t know the Jon Singleton story. There’s little doubt Yordan will be up in 2019, I don’t think anyone will argue that. But it won’t be before Super 2.
  4. Heads up... Sickels is joining the Athletic. Looks like they’ve added a ton of fantasy content this year, more than just Eno.
  5. Big fly in first rehab game. Hurry back to the bigs Mac.
  6. Very impressive that homer was off Severino who is very tough on righties. That was the only HR that Severino has allowed this year.
  7. FYI, Grichuk is out of options and can’t be sent to AAA without clearing waivers. That said, I think the Jays will make room somehow for Teoscar if he keeps hitting, even if it means releasing Grichuk.
  8. I think so. I didn't look at this until after the season started, but it hasn't changed in the last couple of months And remember, Profar was a very highly regarded prospect whose career got derailed by injuries. He was the #1 prospect for a while IIRC
  9. It's funny you mention Trout. I was looking at BP's comp list for Acuna. I know you shouldn't put a lot of stock in this and it's mostly for fun but... 1. Trout 2. Correa 3. Profar 4. Mazara 5. Domingo Santana 6. Andrus 7. Freeman That's an impressive list
  10. Another homer for Acuna tonight. 1-4, 1k, going into the bottom of the ninth. That makes it 2 hr in 5 games so far in AAA. The power is certainly the most pleasantly surprising part of his game. The strikeout rate is the only thing that's a little concerning, but he's been cutting down on that at each level while the walk rate has been going up at each stop. If he keeps that up, the sky's the limit.
  11. Yup, Rizzo getting position change credit has nothing to do with the ball being put in play or not (Archer ended up getting a single). Shows you how many people don't even understand why Rizzo is scored at 2b in these bunt situations with a runner on first. It's because the normal second baseman (Zobrist/Happ) is playing 1b, holding the runner on the first base bag while Rizzo starts out even with the pitcher to field the bunt. You can't have 2 guys listed at first base, so that's why Rizzo get's listed at 2b in this situation. As disasterisk pointed out, when there's runners on first and second, the second baseman instead starts out playing behind the runner on first base and moves over towards first if there's a bunt or tries to make a play if the ball is hit past Rizzo. And I think Rizzo keeps his 1b glove on when there's runners on first and second?
  12. 4-5 others? Just curious, who else do you have above him? Kopech has control problems, Keller, Groome, and Espinoza have some health questions, and Puk and Quantril aren't as advanced at this point. Honeywell maybe or some of the recent draftees? I wouldn't say Buehler is the top pitching prospect out there, but I'm not sure there is a clear cut top one out there right now.
  13. Can't blame bad D on this one, but got babip'd to death in that 4th. Once again, not being able to get the opposing pitcher out killed him - that's pretty weak. Starting to look like a road only streamer. I'm expecting a strong rebound in his next start at SF.
  14. Did you watch the game? Blackmon was worried about hitting the wall when he didn't have to, lost the ball for a moment, and the ball ended up hitting the side of his glove, well before the wall. Blackmon should have had that, and he knew it by the disappointed look on his face after the play. That's bad luck my friend. ...As for Story, yeah that was a nice catch to end the inning, but his misplay is the reason the inning was still going in the first place, and the damage had already been done by that point.
  15. Couple of observations after watching tonight's game: The good news is that this would have been a much better outing without some bad fielding. The second inning would have ended a lot sooner with only the one walk to Pence as the only damage, but Story butchered a very makeable play on a Panik grounder with 2 outs which extended the inning. Slater then hit a weak swinging bunt that died before getting to Arenado, and ended up being a lucky hit. In the 3rd, Blackmon butchered a very catchable ball that turned into a Posey double. Arenado then misplayed a pretty hard hit grounder by Pence which could have been ruled an error but was ruled a hit. Then in the 5th Posey hits a sky high pop fly to shallow right that DJ lost in the lights and fell for a cheap single. The bad news: the walk to Moore in the 2nd was terrible. Hoff had him down 0-2 to start, but then couldn't put him away with 2 curves and 4 fastballs. His fastball was sitting 95-97 in the first inning and to the first batter in the second (Posey). Bu after that, he lost a 2 ticks and was sitting 93-95 for most of the rest of the game, although he did 96 a couple times in his last inning. His curve lacked the same depth and command from his previous starts on the road, which is to be expected at Coors, but he did throw a couple good ones - one to strike out Span swinging in the first, one to Slater in the 4th, and one striking out Pence looking in the 5th. Oddly, I don't recall seeing a single slider today. Considering at least 5 of the hits he gave up were bad luck, this was a pretty decent game for a Coors start. He only went 5 innings cuz he threw a season high 103 pitches. Could have easily gone 6 innings with no runs if he caught a couple breaks. I'm definitely continuing to hold Hoffman for at least the next couple of starts, but I'm sitting him for his next start vs Arizona at home. Not expecting good things there, but dropping him after this start would be a rash move.