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  1. I'm interested in joining and interested in team 2. My email is ckeith1376@gmail.com. Let me know!
  2. 1PPR Should I burn the #1 waiver on: RB: Thompson, MBrown, Gio WR: MBrown, Crowder, Ross, JBrown, McLa TE: Hock, Waller My team: QB-Mayfield RB-Barkley, Fournette, McCoy, Jackson, Singletary WR-AB, Lockett, Gordon, Fuller, TWill TE-Howard Leave a link!
  3. Thanks for mine! Pretty balanced team. Love your pitchers (I'm high on Marquez, Darvish, ERod)...little worried about your U for an OPS league. Looks to be a lot of strike out potential and little walk potential btw Devers/Aguilar/Schwarbs/Buxton...unless their plate discipline has improved. Good luck!
  4. I think those prices are pretty good...I'd keep all 3. Mine?
  5. I'd drop Herrera for Hampson or McMahon, whichever you think will play more. Mine?
  6. Any suggestions? 12 team, 5x5 team. Team is in sig: Available players: Belt, YAlonso, YDiaz, Moreland, O'Hearn, Taylor Any recommendations? Thanks and leave a link!
  7. Edelman vs a soft Indy D or trust that Reid can use Hill like a video game to torch that stout Jax D?? leave a link!
  8. Tough...between Lindsey and Brown for me, but seeing its nonPPR, I'd lean Brown.
  9. PPR: I'd go Thompson, White, and Landry Nonppr: I'd go Thompson, White, and Hill
  10. A little help? PPR: Edelman vs. Indy THill vs. Jax PPR: Need 1. DT vs. NYJ Keke vs. Dallas Stills vs. Cincy
  11. A little help? 12 team PPR: WHIR Rank? I have them: White, Lynch, Lindsey, Ingram, Drake, Allen, Henry Pick 2: DT, Coutee, Westbrook, THill, Edelman, Stills Thanks! Leave a link!