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  1. Drake & Thomas - all time boss playoff combo this year. Led me to my 5th championship this decade in that league. Been a good run. Due for some regression but will happily enjoy the spoils this year.
  2. Love Higbee this week and am starting him, but would start Waller over Hig if given the chance. Both really good options though.
  3. With Damien Williams expected to miss another game, I need to get creative at RB2 this week. 0.5 PPR league Who should i start? Breida vs Atl (2nd fiddle to Mostert) Scott at Was (last week fluke with Sanders slowed from dehydration?) Snell vs Buf (Conner expected back) Thompson vs Den (Ware & Shady playing) Washington vs Jax (Jacob's back) All of these options suck and waiver wire (McKissic, T Johnson, C Thompson, Burkhead, Gore, Prosise...) is worse. Thanks and leave a link.
  4. Stumbled into the playoffs without a solid RB2. 0.5 PPR Should I start: Mattison vs Det Powell vs Mia Snell at Ari Thompson at NE Thanks and leave a link.
  5. Breida, Damien W, Darwin, & Snell Considering starting Darwin or Snell if Damien or Connor sit but still likely going with Mattison
  6. All of these guys just block for Olandis Gary
  7. if looking to play someone this week, I'd say Tate. For long term upside, Gus is the way to go. As mentioned earlier, he's an injury away from RB2 potential.
  8. Everyone except one player on my bench this week is out with injury or on bye. Only decision I need to make is who to start in my final flex spot. .5 PPR Choices are Damien Williams and Auden Tate. I'm leaning Tate because opportunity is key in fantasy. The kid's gotten a ton of targets the past few weeks and is starting with AJG still out and Ross freshly on the IR. Add in Cards leaky pass D and it seems like a great spot start for Tate. DWill is just coming back from a multi-week injury, may not even be the most productive DWill on the team this week, and also has this McCoy guy to deal with. Seems like an easy decision to go with Tate but would like some opinions. Thanks and leave a link.
  9. If Edelman is playing, I think you go with him