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  1. this is the best way to trick you in to wasting one of your first 3 picks on him.
  2. agreed. i think it was short but i also understand them not overturning the call due to the footage. too bad. I wanted Rus to get the ball back and have a chance to work some magic.
  3. yeah. i agree. he looked short there. how many touchdowns do the packers lose by next week in SF? 2?
  4. Yeah. You're right. Guy just finished his first full season playing the hardest position in sports. He's probably going to win the MVP and just lead an offense that did things this season no team has ever done in the Super Bowl era. He just lost a playoff game in which he thew for 365 yards and a TD and 2 INTs AND ran for 143 yards on 20 carries. He lead the league in passing TDs AND set QB rushing records. All this at the ripe old age of 23 (younger than Joe Burrow). Clearly this is a player deserving of massive amounts of criticism due to his "real life performance". Clearly the NFL is a trash league as the current TD passing leader is a trash passer who runs too much. Clearly after being the QB1 for 1.5 seasons and 2 playoff games LJ just can not win when it counts, in spite of a 20-3 regular season record as a starter (I guess they played the Dolphins every week, right?). All of this because of 2 playoff games. Man. So tragic. If he couldn't do it in his first 2 seasons the guy will NEVER win it all, amirite? You think the Ravens can trade him for a 5th rounder and maybe get Dalton in the offseason? Lamar is clearly the only thing holding them back.
  5. Guy was the top qb in the league. Hell...he gave you starting qb AND starting rb numbers on the season. He was drafted on average in the 13th round. You have no actual argument against him based on any sort of facts. Your biggest issue is "he ran too much"? I'm not sure you're going to like football in the coming decade of you have such an issue with mobile QBs. How can anybody have an issue with the season this guy just had?
  6. Do you play in a league that gives fantasy points for not having pro bowlers as teammates? Last time I checked having pro bowlers as teammates increases a player's value.
  7. Don't you hate it when you have the PERFECT comeback, something so good it's going to make everybody on the message board forget how wrong your argument is, and you're so SO excited to get it out you fat-finger it and type out...well...that...and look even MORE wrong? Man I hate it when I do that. That's the worst. 😁
  8. Oh wow! the haters are out in numbers today! Where were all you doubters with your hot takes after week 16 after Lamar put up yet another 30+ points to help some of us win the championship, back when his performance still mattered regarding fantasy football? I didn't see any of you hanging out then. You guys must have been busy or something. Funny how his team finally loses a game and you all come out of your holes to start crowing. You must all play in 19 week fantasy leagues, what with all the bitching about a qb who put up 350+ yards, 140+ rushing yards, and a TD in a second round playoff game (32ish fantasy points, depending on scoring). Dude dominated ALL season, to a historic degree, while a bunch of you spent the entire year going "well he did good THIS week but NEXT week he's TOTALLY going to be exposed" and you still, STILL can't admit you were wrong. You're all so stuck in your wrong opinion you've now reached the point where you're saying "well, he didn't win the Super Bowl in his second season so...see! I was right!". The season is over. He put up historically good, record breaking numbers all season, week in, week out. Take the L, stop looking foolish, and we'll see you next season.
  9. i'm not even rooting for philly but man...that was a PI on Ertz. Finally, FINALLY a PI called there.
  10. but other than that he's fine, right?
  11. i swear the Seahawks offensive philosophy is "we'll do whatever we have to do to make sure we win or lose by 3 or less points at the end of the game". They continue to run right in to the teeth of one of the strongest run defenses in the league and under-utilize their all-pro, maybe-mvp-candidate qb against a busted up secondary that has been bottom 5th in the league all season. They are tied 3-3 in a game they should be winning by 10 at least given Philly's injuries. Brian Schottenheimer and Carroll's insistence on a bullshit run-first scheme for the majority of these games are a pox on offensive football and are the only thing keeping Philly in this game.
  12. Brandon Graham back to the locker room now as well. Philly's injuries this season really are insane.
  14. i thought Shake was joking? Wow. Wentz to the locker room with either concussion symptoms or something with his right arm? refs also not calling blatant offsides now. Even Collinsworth had to call that one out. Refs have been **** for all teams today.
  15. I guess Christine Michael wasn't available