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  1. maybe they run jones in to the ground this season since they're going to let him go?
  2. that....actually makes a lot of sense. i guess they plan on transitioning to the rook and letting him walk and get his big contract from somebody else?
  3. it's 2020, not 2005. in the "not CMC" tier those are Grade A- RB 1 numbers for today's NFL. Priest Holmes and Shaun Alexander are not walking through that door. He's not CMC or Barkley or that tier of RB but after those guys he's pretty great. Of course, I'm not at all happy the dumb-a** Packers drafted another RB in the 2nd round but...who the hell knows what they're doing.
  4. i bet taylor is going in the 1st round by the time an actual fantasy draft happens.
  5. Aaron Jones and Justice HIll. I only picked up Hill at the end of last season as a longshot so I don't care that much about that one but Aaron Jones's loss in value hurts.
  6. moss to buffalo. this draft has been a damn running back disaster.
  7. Does anybody know anything about Gibson?
  8. oh god damnit. they're coming for my dynasty Aaron Jones. This isn't funny anymore! RAT BASTARDS!
  9. the team they're on and their head coach?
  10. oh ****. JK Dobbins to the Ravens. it's a dynasty RB massacre out here.
  11. any of th next teams could grab him i suppose? ravens could use more WR help, Dolphins need everything, and the Rams need to replace Cookes.
  12. yeah. this is true. he's always been a bit of a "chip on your shoulder" kind of guy. i think it makes sense as a long term strat to draft Love here but the on-the-ground politics are definitely going to make things....uncomfortable.
  13. i don't hate that pick. ideally Rodgers would mentor him and be very good for another couple seasons and he can come along slowly. you know Rodgers is going to be a total dick about the whole thing though.