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  1. Moss went to out in Yahoo...Moved to IR which helps mitigate some of the sting.
  2. Week 3 and we are already considering rostering folks that are not even on the active roster...
  3. I usually have a well stocked RB based bench around this time of year. If I need to get rid of one of them, I find the worst team, ideally one that I have already played, and almost give the player away. Even to take a player that I will quickly waive. See too many managers waive quality players to be scooped up by my competition. Example: This week the Kelce owner waived Waller ! I sent the owner a not asking for the opportunity to take these players before he waives them.
  4. Always do the work and check to see if these guys are available and don't assume anything.Do the work!
  5. See coach says Mostart wont play week 3 and Jimmy G is week to week. Didn't see anything on Coleman.
  6. Freeman joining the Giants change your tune?
  7. 20 team league...Holding steadfast...Hurts but all positions are bare on the ww
  8. Way to not take a stand on this backfield...He should learn this doesn't get eyeball's on his content
  9. FWIW I am aggressively attempting to buy low. Hard when many overpaid and want a equal return on their investment. You overpaid for Gibson if you need him to start for you this weekend.. Need a couple weeks of slow improvement with negative TD regression for managers to bore of Gibson, brand him a loser, and allow me to pry him away. Patience. Long season and we want touches, yards and TD's from him in Dec not in Sept.
  10. Tomlin is a good person (to a fault sometimes) Very religious and he is forgiving...How he managed put up with AB and Bell required some devine intervention. His light comment was a olive branch if Conner takes the knee...We should get clarity on this before Sunday as this type of news will get the beat writer's attention. They don't know squat about analytics or injuries, but they should be clued into this drama. Snell has earned more touches. At a minimum Conner's is the receiving back. Line is Steeler's winning this comfortably and a low over under. Assume Conner and Snell split carries and receptions go to Conner. Not a lot of come from behind receptions in store for Conners. And The Broncos stuffed Henry at the GL numerous times. Neither of these guys are Henry. Steeler's score through the air early and cruise using ground game between the 20's and passing TD's and Defense (like Monday night)
  11. Did you watch the game?....Dude was screaming at the sideline, then looking like a possessed devil on the sideline for the rest of the game. With little sign of a limp... And the comments of the coach saying we will keep the lights on. One doesn't say such things for injuries... He can come home when he aligns to the team culture and norms i.e. the light. If you lead/manage people the message Tomlin is sending is very.common.....After having AB and Bell, Tomlin has little patience for letting the selfishness of the individual outweigh those of the team. By not extending Conner, the Steeler's believe that they can win without Conner. If I was them I would transition to those longer term solutions to ensure you were covered for 2021. No way Conner owns this backfield as most assumed. As Snell gets more and more Conner's attitude will get worse and Tomlin wont take this crap again.
  12. Matt Waldman really likes this kid