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  1. I think gabriel is the only choice here wilsons target share in comparison is pretty bad
  2. yeah flex golladay sorry i missed the full question
  3. Ekeler is a better straight up player even when gordon plays lol this isnt close you should have added him yesterday
  4. Ekeler is a monster and i have him as a top 10 option without gordon
  5. Gotta be michel, more touches imo
  6. Ekeler and its not really close
  7. John Brown or Tyler boyd standard scoring. This has been eating me all week long.
  8. Tate side wins that imo. seems like the top target on a better offense.
  9. Enunwa out of those but im playing collins over those if he starts.
  10. Standard scoring, who do i start? leave link i will help
  11. take jordan howard and run
  12. i would drop callaway, sanu for allison in that order. thanks for help with mine.
  13. if he will do it yes but seems like a bad trade for him