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  1. You're missing a +
  2. That's been the case most of the time for years. It's mostly about teams on the phone about possible trades. Not always great for fans, though.
  3. Maybe they should've traded down a few picks so they'd still get a top lineman + more. Or maybe they just like him more than the other guys.
  4. The way I look at it is that if I was in more redraft leagues I'd target him for an option for my #3 outfielder every year because I think he can do the floor (for what I want from a #3 outfielder) but he has the potential for more and maybe, just maybe, one of these years he'll have a really productive season (and then he could be sold at a high).
  5. The main difference between Puig and Acuna is what you mentioned: Puig is a headcase. Put him on the right team with an improved focus and he could come close to Acuna. So, Puig is the perfect buy low target right now. He's still unsigned so he wouldn't cost much, if anything. And, even if he doesn't exceed our expectations, he could still be a decent #3 or #4 outfielder for a fbb team.
  6. I've got no problem with that. I'd like to know the opinion of you and anyone else regarding anything related to baseball. That's why I've been coming to these forums for around 10 years now. But, how many times did you do that? I stated my opinion and you stated yours. THAT'S fine. But, why are there so many posts in this thread today about the same thing? My expectations of Franco in only two stats (runs/rbi) which are only slightly more modest. You, and others, disagree. That's fine. Time to move on, already
  7. I think 200 might be asking for too much. You think I'm wrong. That's fine. Guys, think whatever you want. But, AGAIN, this is a LOT of posts about 180+ runs/rbi vs 200 runs/rbi. Maybe all of this social distancing is affecting people in strange ways. I don't know. Aren't people allowed to have different opinions???
  8. The fact that there's so many posts about 180+ runs/rbi vs 200+ runs/rbi is what's odd to me. Everyone has an opinion. I stated my opinion of a REALISTIC ceiling that I have for Franco. If someone wants to make a big deal about it, that's up to them. Maybe I'm wrong. We'll find out. IF his power develops. People are acting like it's a done deal. Someone else posted about how he might have to make changes to maximize all of his power potential and that's possible but far from a sure thing. People are acting like it IS a sure thing. That's up to whoever. Doesn't matter to me. Again, I don't own him. IF I did I'd definitely listen to offers because I think some might overpay for him.
  9. I'm talking about REALISTIC ceilings. If you want we can say he'll be a player that hits .340+ every year with around 35 homers, around 30 steals, and 240+ runs/rbi. Again, this is a lot of posts about 180+ runs/rbi vs 200+ runs/rbi. Either way he's should be plenty valuable. But, whatever.
  10. This is a lot of posts about 200+ runs/rbi vs 180+ runs/rbi. Maybe he'll have 195. Who knows.
  11. Yeah, we were talking about runs/rbi . . . and just how good he'll be in the majors. The rest is relevant to the latter. Maybe he will be a 200+ runs/rbi guy. I'm just not counting on it.
  12. I remember waiting to see what another team would do in one of my dynasty leagues because I was pretty sure we were interested in the top shortstops. He took Profar right before me so I took Machado. There are countless cases of top prospects that either bust or don't quite match their hype. The hype can get overdone sometimes.
  13. To be fair I just said that I'd be happy with any prospect becoming a top 50 player. lol I think Franco should be at least little better than that, though. If he's taken in the first 3 rounds than he's a top 40 player, at least. There's not a huge difference between top 40 and either top 50 or top 25.
  14. I'd be happy if any prospect turns out to be a top 25-50 player. Expecting any prospect to be a top 10 player will result in disappointment most of the time. And if I owned Franco in any leagues I'd definitely be listening to offers. Doesn't mean I would trade him, depends on the offer(s) but thinking he'd be wasting a spot on a fbb roster because he wouldn't be a generational player is silly. Again, adjust for a higher avg, and enough homers and steals and the number of players drops a lot.