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  1. That's ESPN. Even though Mahle and Lorenzen have done well Gray, Castillo, and Bauer are still their best pitchers so don't be surprised if they do something like have two of the three (Gray, Castillo, Bauer) pitching in one of the last games.
  2. Figures, as soon as I dropped him . . . #$%^#$!
  3. That might make Sandoval look skinny.
  4. For 1, 2, 3, 4, . . . innings the fans of the winning team could gloat and act like their team is the best of all time, even if their team is only average on every other day. The hypothetical rule would only affect the 9th inning.
  5. Another thing to consider is that it's harder for a team to bounce back from a lopsided loss if their bullpen has had a lot of work. So, the losing team could benefit by not having to use one more reliever in the 9th.
  6. That's negotiable. Maybe if a team is down by 10 or more runs after the 8th inning they can have the choice to pass on the 9th inning.
  7. Time to cue the mad rush to add Adam Duvall (especially in redrafts).
  8. I agree that not all rules make sense but, seriously, what's the point in playing the last inning or two if the score is already so lopsided?
  9. Another example that maybe MLB needs a 'mercy rule'.
  10. I'm still a believer and the season is less than a week old. I've benched him in a dynasty league but cut him in a redraft (I did add him to my watchlist, though).
  11. From the Rotoworld front page: Jeff Passan and Jesse Rogers of ESPN are reporting that eight more Marlins players and two coaches have tested positive for COVID-19. As a result, the Marlins have postponed their home opener against the Orioles on Monday. The team has delayed their travel back to Philadelphia while trying to control the situation. This news comes just one day after it was learned that four players (reportedly including Jose Urena, Garrett Cooper, and Harold Ramirez) tested positive on Sunday. It was always going to be a challenge to pull off a season amid a pandemic, but MLB made it just three days before an outbreak presented itself within a clubhouse. Even with expanded rosters, taxi squads, and players staying ready at alternate training sites, it's fair to question how sustainable this all is and what the breaking point might be for MLB. This is a definitive day for the sport. RELATED: Baltimore Orioles SOURCE: Jeff Passan on Twitter Jul 27, 2020, 9:05 AM ET
  12. You're missing a +