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  1. Wow! I leave for a few weeks and this thread goes sideways quickly! Relax everyone. Go back to my post on page 1 if you need to strengthen your confidence in this guy. See what I wrote about him prior to the start of the season. His value was not a surprise to those of us watching the Lakers.
  2. If / when JaVale's numbers drop, it will have far less to do with Chandler and more because he is coming back to down to earth. He was putting up top 30 numbers. Did we really expect that for the entire season? I always felt he was worthy of rostering. It was why I drafted him. But I never expected such a high return for the whole season. If he remains top 100, then he still outperformed his ADP.
  3. This was my belief from the start. He has never really had that payday. He is in the prime of his career. He is having a career year. He is a free agent at the end of this season. I really don't want to undersell the guy though. He is an integral part of the Lakers team and will continue to be a fantasy producer. Just putting to rest the idea that he is capable of normal starters minutes.
  4. People that are concerned about Chandler hurting JaVale McGee's production are seriously misguided. McGee has been averaging a hair under 26 minutes per game for the entire season. If you go back and look at my previous posts before the season even started, you'll see that this was fully expected. I figured his minutes would be around 24 per game but had hoped he could reach 30. This was all before Chandler was brought on to back up McGee. In the last two games, McGee has played 23 and 27 minutes... his average. If you think that Chandler is hurting his numbers, you are grossly mistaken. It is that JaVale is returning to the mean. He more than likely wasn't going to sustain top 30 value. The reality is that he will definitely outplay his draft position. And he will remain valuable as long as he is healthy. By the way, earlier some were claiming that JaVale McGee was not affected by his asthma and were thus complaining about him not getting more playing time. I snapped this picture in the third quarter of last night's game. He was on the court using it. If asthma was a non-issue, why is he using an inhaler? Those only get used when you are having an issue with your asthma. Bottom line: Stop expecting / wanting more minutes from McGee. He will remain limited, despite what he says. But he will also remain a valuable fantasy player despite his asthma, minutes limitation and Chandler playing (or even finishing games).
  5. Tyson Chandler is not worth rostering unless you are in need of only one category... rebounds. I can see him averaging about 10 rebounds a game. His points will remain in single digits though and he might be good for 1 block per game. The Lakers desperately need him as the backup center to box out, play good positional defense, set hard picks and to use his veteran experience to help solidify a team defense. Very little of that will translate to fantasy basketball. A great deal of it will benefit the real life team.
  6. Agreed with some of the above posts. Chandler had and will continue to have no effect on McGee's numbers. The only thing that Chandler does is alter the backup center rotation. Those that have Kuzma will benefit the most from Chandler's presence. It means that Kuzma no longer has to spend time being overmatched and rundown by bigger players. He is free to play PF and some SF, his more natural position where he thrives as a scorer. 25 minutes for McGee and 23 minutes for Chandler. That's a full 48 minute center rotation. I can see that remaining as their averages for the rest of the season. Not much of a difference considering that McGee was averaging 26 minutes per game to this point.
  7. With Chandler coming on board, this should have no effect on McGee. Chandler has certainly lost a step. However, this move out of a bad situation with the Suns I can see having a very positive effect on Chandler. We might even see a revitalized 36 year old player. But I imagine he won't be pushing past 15 minutes per game. Thus, he should only compliment McGee. Edit: I should throw in a little bit more. An interesting contrast for Chandler is that many Suns fans were calling for Chandler to be benched in favor of Richaun Holmes. The Suns failed with Tyson when they signed him four years ago to lure in LaMarcus Aldridge. They've been saddled with him ever since. It was incredibly odd that Chandler got cut in November. These things usually don't take place until February. So it was obvious the organization wanted to move past Chandler to continue the development of their youth. Word is that Chandler and the Suns front office have been discussing this for awhile. And that is the key! With that information, look at the one good game that Chandler had this year. That's right, it was six games ago against the Lakers. Was he auditioning? Sure seems like it.
  8. Moritz Wagner has been cleared to play beginning with tonight's game. I see this as having no effect on McGee's value, even if Wagner starts to show signs of being the next Dirk Nowitzki. He's a completely different type of player than McGee. He can stretch the floor with his shooting and brings a great deal of energy but his rim protection is fairly non-existent. Johnathan Williams has been mediocre as the back up center, so those minutes are still very much up for grabs. I foresee an eventual split between Williams and Wagner if Wagner displays any sort of competence and a full takeover of the position if he shows himself as capable.
  9. A number of people in this thread are pushing McGee for more minutes. He's played 30 minutes twice so far in this young season, something I had hoped for if you look back on my previous posts. However, those extra minutes are slowly looking like a net-negative, which is also something I worried about. He and the coach are claiming the asthma is not an issue, but what else are they going to say? McGee is playing for maybe his biggest contract after this season. Coach Walton is in dire need of McGee's services at the center position. But his asthma is definitely an issue. If you watch how Walton subs McGee, this becomes obvious. He is purposely playing him in spurts, shorter minutes with intermittent rests. The speed the Lakers play at is extremely fast, second only to Washington. McGee's asthma is definitely not a non-factor.
  10. I'm not sure anyone would disagree with that starting lineup. I know that is the sentiment amongst nearly all Lakers fans. As for "not enough minutes to go around at the guard position unless they play small." Playing small is exactly what the Lakers want to do. in fact, Hart has been seeing some time at the SF position.
  11. Hart is definitely not Lonzo's main competition. They play different positions. Rondo is his main competition and he was brought in to tutor Lonzo. The front office saw that their games have a lot of similarities and so they want Rondo to groom Lonzo. Plus, having Rondo allows the Lakers to have an excellent PG in the game at all times, pushing the ball at the speed by which the Lakers want to play for all 48 minutes.
  12. I think that Lonzo is the most underrated player in basketball! Everyone says how much he stinks, how much he needs to improve, what a bust he is, etc. However, what many don't realize is just how much he affected the game in every category except his scoring, which is all most people look at! Yes his efficiency numbers need to improve. However what many naysayers overlook is that last season Lonzo was ranked 3rd amongst ALL point guards in defensive rating, impacted the Lakers offense more than any other player on the team and averaged 7 rebounds, 7 assists, 2 steals and 1 block... AS A ROOKIE!! There is a reason why the Lakers organization is so high on him. If his shooting continues to regress to the mean, others will begin to see it also.
  13. There is a lot of talk around here with people that hang their hope on Wagner being serviceable in his first year. He brings two items that the Lakers would covet for the benefit of this team: energy and 3-point shooting. Since no one has stepped up and filled the back up center role yet, the job is very available. But Wagner is a rookie and a late first round pick at that. It's not often that rookies can make much of an impact, so expectations should be limited. Let's not forget that Svi Mykhailiuk also tore up the summer league to the point that he got voted in to the All-NBA Summer League Second Team. However, he is lost out there amongst NBA players, mostly due to the speed of the game. There's a real learning curve that most rookies have to adapt to over the course of their first year. With all of that said, I fully expect that Wagner will be given a shot if nothing else on this team has changed. If he is even halfway decent, he can easily earn a quick 10-15 minutes of playing time.
  14. I posted this in the JaVale McGee thread, but it seems even more fitting here: Unfortunately, with no other options available at center, Kuzma may be forced to slide back into that role upon Ingram's return.
  15. Before the season the SG position was the most competitive position for the Lakers. Many fans were a bit disappointed to see the resigning of KCP with the emergence of Hart. However, do not underestimate KCP. He is struggling right now and Hart is taking full advantage of it. But KCP has the ability to get hot himself. He's only shooting 17% from three right now. That is bound to change, and when it does, it will cut into Hart's time. With all of that said, Hart is such a valuable piece for the Lakers defense. His ability to switch, and play good defense while being posted up, is highly coveted. This is an aspect of the game that KCP does not have. And this is the reason why Hart will continue to see more minutes than KCP. The defense is necessary for the Lakers to play the uptempo style they are built for. This was evidenced last night against the Spurs in the first quarter. The Spurs started the game hitting everything and the Lakers struggled mightily. Without stops, they couldn't get out and run, and before long they found themselves down by 18 points!