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  1. I'm a fan of his but his numbers are very replaceable if you look at his stats over the last 30 days.
  2. how did he look? I see he was in while it’s a blowout so not sure if it was against their 2nd team...
  3. Sanders accounted for 22% of the skill player touches last night. Life isn't that bad.
  4. Sane here, I’m not feeling too good going into this one and being 0-1 already.
  5. There are so many skill position players that could make noise this year that could return 2nd half of 1st round value that IMO, you've gotta go with Zeke.
  6. Cooks is what he is, big time boom or bust but I will say, they didn't give him all that money for nothing. He will get his (and is my WR3 on one team because he dropped a little.)
  7. After some research, many are saying that he capitalized on broken plays. His preseason numbers look rough but if you watch the highlights (I just watched from his last game) every run is up the middle/through the tackles. About half of the runs look solid with him grabbing a handful of yards and scoring a solid looking touchdown and the other half are him getting stuffed near the line of scrimmage. Perhaps the defense knows what is coming. They aren't creating any plays for him on the outside which is what he excels at and appear to continue running him up the middle to improve on his weaknesses, it is preseason, after all. Maybe a Hawks fan can give some more insight but this doesn't really worry me at this point...
  8. Real question - I don't watch Seattle football but how does he have such efficient numbers (albeit part time) if he doesn't fit their system and dances around? His first month in the league was complete garbage, after that, he was averaging close to 6 yards per carry after September. In my experience, if you dance around AND don't fit a system, you likely aren't going to have an average like that. Does he always find a way to break at least one run for a big gain to bring that number up?
  9. These comments are making me feel better having Evans and Godwin as my one and two. Not ideal but they were the best WR talents on the board when I was up.
  10. Down week after an amazing month, is this guy still with starting for those in the know or was he just on a hot streak?