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  1. Bump. Again, first year is paid for. Lots of time to rebuild. DM me.
  2. Standard 5x5 H2H dynasty on Fantrax. 43 man rosters, 35 keepers. Must have 10 minor league eligible players at all times. $50.00 per year plus premium fees. We allow trading of draft picks 3 years into the future (8 round offseason drafts). The 2020 season is already paid for, although I will be preemptively collecting $50.00 from everyone for the 2021 season prior to the offseason draft in March. Team needs some work as it was dead for half the year, but the first year you are playing for free so there is time to rebuild. Must have whatsapp app for your smartphone for the group message board. DM me on here with a little bit about yourself/your fantasy background, and I'll share more info. Thanks!
  3. Is that a real post...hope no one actually follows that advice.
  4. 12 team roto keep forever dynasty. 43 man rosters, keep 35. It's $50 per year but this year and next year are already paid for. The team being replaced has no shot this year, but has good pieces to build around. Being that this year and next year are paid for already, gives you a good chance to rebuild. Trade deadline is about a month away, gives you some time to make moves. DM me for league rules. Thanks!
  5. Anyone know why he’s not IL eligible in ESPN
  6. https://www.mlb.com/prospects/stats/top-prospects?type=all&dateRange=today&minPA=1 Change it to all 900 Prospects
  7. Angel Rojas SS Yankees From Fangraphs Yankees list: “Rojas was one of the players the Braves signed in the months before their international scandal; he became a free agent before playing a game for the club. After keeping his voided $300,000 deal with the Braves, Rojas was scooped up by the Yankees months later for $350,000. When he signed with Atlanta, Rojas was under-the-radar and weighed about 130 pounds with some quick-twitch ability, plus speed, and the hands for shortstop, a prospect who the Braves thought would grow with physical maturity. Move about 18 months into the future, and Rojas is a plus-plus runner with a plus-plus arm who is up to about 160 pounds and has achieved in-game exit velos as high as 108 mph. It’s still a flatter-planed, contact-oriented swing, and Rojas often plays out of control as he’s still learning how to harness his newly-improved tools, but the DSL performance was solid and this is too much like a Jose Reyes starter kit to ignore.”
  8. Looking to get 12 teams. Looking for a few more owners to round it out.Send email. thanks
  9. 40 man rosters, 35 keepers. Rotisserie. Planning to do a 40 round slow draft in the coming month. Must have "Whatsapp" App on your smart phone for the draft board/league chat board. 5 round draft each ensuing season around March. Draft picks can be traded. Daily roster moves but weekly roster transactions (FAAB, waivers go through on weekend most likely). Planning to use Fantrax. Have 6 people currently (personal friends). Need 4 to 6 more. Asking for $100.00 (1st year league fee + 2nd year deposit). If an owner quits the first year, we find a replacement and the replacement plays free the first year. Just like every other dynasty, hoping to find the right people so this league can go forever. Serious inquiries only - would like a little about yourself and your fantasy career (how long you've played, types of leagues, etc) Email me at pmanfre2@gmail.com