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  1. Exactly. Players are coming in from all corners including hot spots. That includes all staff, TV and radio. Even without fans these games will still have more than 50 people involved far more than the recommended 5-10 for gatherings. How do you social distance in a dugout or when you are on base? Not practical at all.
  2. Maybe they go after Austin Hooper. He is a FA.
  3. Their new design is trash.Buggy on phones. I think their intent is to force you to the app.
  4. I agree on the blow up part. I drooped him for Darwin Thompson. So we’ll see.
  5. The guy to keep an eye on could be Whyte.
  6. I said this in the D Johnson thread. Cain could have an impact. He has practiced with the first team this week.
  7. Keep an eye on Deon Cain.First team practice this week.
  8. Stupid rule that favors offenses over defense . Needs to go.
  9. Moore, Carr, Tannehill I have Sutton Gallop Watkins, D Williams. Need another WR kind of mediocre. still 4-3
  10. Thanks. Hate losing Carson but Foles could muddy Minshew’s situation
  11. I’d go Thomas. Tons of targets. Saints have a better offense and sometimes Hopkins gets the short pass.