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  1. So in terms of roster liability vs future reward, what sort of FA bid would you place on a dropped JC? (100 budget?)
  2. I'd go Gallman for guaranteed touches and Baltimore. PItt's offense is sinking fast.
  3. Allison. Wash is a wreck and up against a Defense that will keep McLaurin off the field. No Adams and Allison is gold. Help here:
  4. I'd sit him. I hate what his role is turning into with this limited offense. Even further, I'd look to trade him while value might still be perceived as high.... Help here? THX
  5. Damien. Wait on Tate to see true role and get him in sync w/offense. Damien back w/something to prove. What do you think of this:
  6. I have this same issue and I’m going with Sony. I think he gets fed this week to build confidence and get back in track.
  7. OJ is making me frown a lot, but who would you start this week?
  8. Just needed to remove the question mark on your post....
  9. What the hell are you talking about?
  10. If you've filed out your roster and he drops well below ADP and is available later.... Batting behind Machado, Renewed sense winning in SD, Still only 29. I'll take that gamble on Cyborg Hosmer in 2019
  11. MVS and not even close. THis one might be a closer call: http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/734640-golladay-mvs-or-a-robinson-pick-2-to-start/
  12. I'd think you roll with Collins here. I don't expect CIN to put up a fight and this seems like a BAL establish run game. Help here:
  13. In this case, I think Davis. Looks like Mariota & TEN offense woke up and targets will be there all day. (Kerryon I'd like more if Riddick wasn't back. ) Go Davis. Help here?>