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  1. i would honestly love to put in ray to get this deal. i just find ray really hard to own - especially if youre in a QS league. he just doesnt get deep into games i dont think he's any closer to adding efficiency + a new pitch such as a curve ball to his game. adding these items in and getting his IP/game closer to 6IP would be huge for his value. i just dont think hes ready to take that next step just yet. long story short, i'd be totally okay moving him unless there are some wonky long term / value based keeper rules in place. however, as the above posters said, i would also want to way a few days to get these good days beyond torres before throwing something out there.
  2. ahhh okay cool, thanks for the heads up guys. i'll have to dial is back a bit, i knew i was getting too cute here haha
  3. the harper owner is low on him right now and is putting him on sale. i was going to offer my ozuna + kikuchi for his harper + bauer (since bauer has been off his last few starts). thoughts on this offer? honestly i'd reject it pretty quickly if it were the other way around - if yall agree, any other way you would consider restructuring the deal? thanks and team in sig!
  4. yep, agreed. he also does look a lot more comfortable at the plate too. i honestly feel that he will improve as the season goes on
  5. this has literally been my fear for the past 2.5 years.
  6. lol what else is new? seems like that's become a standard for musgrove
  7. great start. hopefully this is a sign of good things to come. do we think he can still settle into the SP2-3 (closer to SP3) range as the season goes on?
  8. man, yet another impressive outing against the stros. are what we're seeing legit?
  9. y'all think late may is a possibility here?
  10. Seems he wants to offer Ray or rodon. Thoughts? I assume Caleb is preferable? Think Ray or rodon might be worth it should he not agree to Caleb?
  11. i like segura here. paddack is going to get shut down some time in the near future. help me please?
  12. i would go polanco help me please?
  13. give me the pitcher side here help me please?