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Two ACTIVE Managers Needed for Yahoo! Redraft League

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I am in a Yahoo! Mixed League that has been in existence for several years running with many of the same managers.

We lost some managers from last year, and we are looking for 2 new ones to fill their spots.

This is a competitive rotisserie league with a pool ($60 buy-in, may be increased to $75). Prize money goes to first place (75%) and second place (25%). New managers are not required to participate, but are encouraged to do so, as nearly everyone else in the league is in.

It's a pretty standard league - ten teams, 5X5, rotisserie scoring, live draft.

If you are interested, feel free to sign up. However, you MUST be an active manager throughout the entire season.

This is an active league with a great bunch of experienced managers. If you are a whiner, crybaby, or sore loser that plans to quit halfway through the season, please DO NOT SIGN UP! Experienced managers are preferred.

The Yahoo! league ID is 110512.

The league name is The Best League

Password: goyankees

If you are interested and plan to be active the entire year, feel free to sign up.


Mr. Red

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We still need two more managers, if anyone is interested.

What time on March 24 is the draft??

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This is looking like a fun league. Looking forward to the draft.

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