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Yahoo! 12 Team Keeper League: 5 spots left

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We draft Sunday night (April 5th at 8 p.m.).

Our original plan was that this would be a league with a $50 buy-in, as you'll see below. But given that the draft is in 32 hours and we still have 5 empty spots in the league, I'm considering changing that, either to $25, or $0, if necessary to fill up the league.

We're going to have 3 keepers from year-to-year, who you can keep for two seasons after this one. It should be a nice mixture of keeper league play and make it easier to fill spots when owners inevitably drop out.

League buy-in is $50. Prize distribution is $300 for first prize, $100 for second, and $50 each for best hitter, best pitcher (both by Yahoo! rankings), best draft pick, and best FA pickup (both determined by me, but they're heavily stat-based determinations).

If you're still interested, come on in!

League ID# : 6333

Password : nut

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