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Tell me how insane I am if I propose this deal (involving Justin Upton)


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So I have a man-crush on Justin Upton, like everyone else. And I'm thinking of dealing for him in a dynasty league.

I was thinking I send Liriano and Werth/Burrell (I have an OF glut with Sizemore/Bay/Pence/Ethier) to get Upton, who's value might have dropped slightly after a tiny-sample bad start to get Upton and a lower-tier pitcher (Javier Vazquez? Mayeb Cueto if I'm lucky.)

Now I'm probably getting robbed for this season's play, but I have rather good SP depth (and young arms: Billingsley, Nolasco, Johnson along with minor leaguers coming up such as Cahill) and I think Upton make the leap next year to 30 bombs with a mediocre average, and then pushes it up to fantasy stud after that. If I can get Vazquez, I'm confident he gives me good leverage in K's and he'll win about 14 games or so.

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Any help? I'm aiming to do this deal while values aren't set yet.

I personally wouldn't take Liriano and Burrell for Upton in a Dynasty but with his value falling so low and with the danger of him being sent down, most people probably would. I'd try to get him.

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