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everyone has gathered... shhhhhhhhh

Its like a sighting of big foot, very rare to see Roeth on line, lol

I'm good for yahoo, but can't remember who it was that had an issue moving. Also, 2 years in a row now Kanter has higher picks not because of his team being bad, but because he doesn't set line up

Oh yeah, I remember that from another ESPN league...sorry, too many Yahoo's in the system, my espen skills are deteriorating.

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whoa, i forgot that I was in a league with RW posters. lol maybe I shouldve said that about TO after I picked him up. Nice move mega.

lol thanks. I was pretty surprised when he was still there. I'll blame the draft on why we were all so late to grab TO.

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Perhaps a little off topic, but is anybody in here interested in joining another rotoworld dynasty league? Where Legends are Born is looking for a replacement and I figured I'd check in here to see if anybody was interested. PM me for more details.

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Wilson is starting for Seattle on Friday....This should be interesting since its the first time that he'll play against the 1st team. Drater will definitely be the first person I thank if he starts (i'll pick him up in a few deep leagues). Then again I have Flynnin leagues, so i'm not sure...

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I think the "high" sell time is over, unless he does win the starting job and does well. His value is low right now.

Right. I meant sell high to your uneducated non RW poster league members before it's common knowledge that Russ is the guy.

I'll wait and see what happens. I picked up Wilson though

Not in this league? Pretty sure I drafted him.

/me runs off to check team...

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In and excited to draft/trade/talk smack with you lot again.

Could be convinced to let Cam go for the right combo of RB's and picks. It being a 2QB league and all now, one of you wants a top young QB and is willing to offer fair value...I can just feel it.

I get email notifications of PMs or email thru league. Cheers.

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