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What to do about the Week 8 byes...

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Iffy situation for me.

I have Welker, Ochocinco and Bowe (who I picked up off waivers after about Week 3, making either my league bad or plenty of people around scared of Bowe's supposed "concentration lapses") all off in Week 8. I have Manningham ready to slot into one of those WR spots, but I need two more.

My team: Rodgers, Welker, Ochocinco, Bowe, D-Will, Slaton, Miller, Manningham, Flacco, Choice, Felix, Donald Brown, Stewart. So I'd say, an embarassment of riches. Stewart, Choice and Manningham were all waiver-wire adds.

I'm thinking I either deal Flacco and a RB like Brown to get a stud WR, with Flacco's value at its peak, but with Rodgers behind that O-line, I'm a little scared he might cop it one week, and plus after the bye week I'd have a million good WRs. Or I package together something like Felix and Choice to get a useable one for just one week and to fill in if necessary afterwards.

Or do I just sit on my current situation and hope that I somehow sneak a win with just Rodgers, Manningham, D-Will, Slaton, Miller, Longwell and Philly's D? Currently I'm 4-2, probably will score enough points to win a tiebreaker with anyone with the same record.

Thoughts? Do I look to trade for a top wideout just to hold the fort for a week, or do I use my RB depth to get a stopgap (any suggestions about who to get either?)

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