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2010/11 Rotoworld Cup

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I know I've been slack in updating things, and for that I the process, I've failed to report a change at the top.

1 Needle FC ---------------------- 54 = 380

2 NYFC ----------------------------- 32 = 367

3 Swanky Primadonnas --------- 47 = 355

4 CB Chargers FC ---------------- 35 = 340

5 Granicar ------------------------ 42 = 323

6 Back of the Net ---------------- 42 = 317

7 Pittsboro Steelers ------------- 47 = 313

Needle didn't put up a big number, but it was more than enough to breeze by NYFC and stake a double-digit lead heading into the break. The generally low scores didn't result in any other movement, although the difference between last and middle-of-the-pack shrank.

We took a step backward in the overall rankings, and are now ranked 73,586 out of 211,393.

As I wrote last time, we're in the middle of an international break, and will resume league play next weekend. The USA Men are in Chicago today to take on Poland, and will be in Philly/Chester on Tuesday to take on Colombia. Plenty of good seats remain for that one.

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We're back in action for Gameweek 8, and here's the viewing schedule:

ESPN2 has two matches: Man United v. West Brom at 10am tomorrow, and Blackburn v. Sunderland on Monday at 3pm.

Fox Soccer has the usual full slate: Arsenal v. Birmingham (10am) and Aston Villa v. Chelsea (12:30pm) tomorrow. On Sunday, they have Blackpool v. Man City at 11am.

They also have the biggest match of the weekend tomorrow, Philadelphia Union v. New York Pink Cows - er, Red Bulls at 6pm B)

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The points after Week 8:

1 Needle FC -------------------- 78 = 450

2 NYFC ------------------------- 60 = 427

3 Swanky Primadonnas ------- 67 = 414

4 CB Chargers FC ------------- 62 = 402

5 Granicar --------------------- 54 = 377

6 Pittsboro Steelers ----------- 60 = 373

7 Back of the Net ------------- 43 = 360

The only change in the table came at the bottom, where BotN was able to nudge past Steelers and get out of the cellar. Needle again paced the crowd, extending the lead to over 20 points, and the rest of the league now faces the possibility of a repeat from last season, when the lead just grew and grew.....

The league's strong scores overall allowed to leap up the overall standings, and is now ranked 50,697 out of 212,504. We've never been higher, and we still have 3/4 of the season to climb higher.

Man City/Arsenal is the featured match of the week, and will be shown on FSC on Sunday at 11am. Also on Fox this weekend is Chelsea/Wolves (10am) and West Ham/Newcastle (12:30pm) on Saturday, and Stoke City/Man United on Sunday morning at 8:30am.

ESPN2 has Tottenham/Everton on Saturday morning at 7:45am.

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Your updated points....

1 Needle FC ------------------- 75 = 525

2 NYFC ------------------------- 43 = 470

3 Swanky Primadonnas ------- 49 = 459

4 CB Chargers FC ------------- 55 = 457

5 Granicar --------------------- 44 = 421

6 Pittsboro Steelers ----------- 40 = 413

7 Back of the Net ------------- 46 = 406

Needle walked all over the competition for a second week in a row, and history is starting to repeat itself. Chargers was the only team to even come remotely, vaguely within shouting distance, and all it accomplished was to tighten the race among the rest of the pack. Look alive, fellas, the gauntlet's been thrown down!

The scores weren't quite the same from week 8, but the league jumped upward once again, and is now ranked 40,703 out of 213,461.

3rd place Man United hosts 5th place Tottenham in the weekend's glamor match (tomorrow, FSC at 12:30pm), but the more interesting one could be on Monday between Blackpool and West Brom (ESPN2, 4pm). Blackpool is in a muddle of clubs in the middle of the pack, but WBA is tied for Spurs for 5th place, and a road victory could put further pressure on Spurs, who would need to win in order to keep pace.

ESPN2 also has Blackburn/Chelsea tomorrow at 10am. Fox has Arsenal/West Ham at 10am tomorrow, and Bolton/Liverpool on Sunday 12pm.

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The league table after 10 weeks:

1 Needle FC -------------------- 45 = 566

2 CB Chargers FC ------------- 55 = 512

3 NYFC ------------------------- 33 = 503

4 Swanky Primadonnas ------ 42 = 497

5 Pittsboro Steelers ---------- 52 = 465

6 Granicar --------------------- 45 = 462

7 Back of the Net ------------- 52 = 454

Chargers narrowly edged Steelers and BotN for the week's honors, and took advantage of stumbles NYFC and Primadonnas to surge into 2nd place. The field is still light years behind Needle, who for the first time in weeks, wasn't the big kid in class.

The lower scores resulted in the league taking a major tumble down the standings, and is now ranked 60,234 out of 214,278.

The biggest match of the week, at least in terms of the standings is #6 West Brom vs. #4 Man City. In other years, Liverpool/Chelsea would be the match to watch (Sunday, 11am on FSC), but the Reds are firmly lodged in the lower half of the table, 13 points behind the first-place Blues.

ESPN2 has Bolton/Tottenham tomorrow morning at 8:45am. FSC is showing Man United/Wolves at 11am, and a replay of Sunderland/Stoke City at 1pm tomorrow. On Sunday, they'll show WBA/Citeh on tape at 5pm.

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Through Gameweek 11:

1 Needle FC ------------------- 16 = 578

2 NYFC ------------------------- 43 = 546

3 CB Chargers FC ------------- 26 = 538

4 Swanky Primadonnas ------- 32 = 521

5 Pittsboro Steelers ----------- 35= 500

6 Back of the Net -------------- 43 = 497

7 Granicar ---------------------- 36 = 494

There were a couple of changes in the table; BotN nudged past Granciar out of the basement, and Chargers couldn't stand prosperity, allowing NYFC to slide by. Needle had a craptacular showing, and in so doing, gave us all reason to hope.

In spite of the generally weak showing, the league managed to regain some of the ground lost last weekend. We're now ranked 51,101 out of 214,556.

We have a VERY short turnaround for Gameweek 12, which will be played on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. ESPN2 is showing the Manchester Derby on Wednesday, with United hosting City at 3pm. There will also be fairly heavy ESPN3 coverage. FSC has Tottenham/Sunderland on Tuesday at 3pm and Chelsea/Fulham on Wednesday at 2:45pm, along with Newcastle/Blackburn on tape at 5pm.

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Gameweek 12 was a disaster....

1 Needle FC ------------------- 53 = 631

2 NYFC ------------------------- 39 = 585

3 CB Chargers FC ------------ 41 = 579

4 Swanky Primadonnas ------ 33 = 554

5 Pittsboro Steelers ---------- 47 = 535

5 Granicar --------------------- 43 = 535

7 Back of the Net ------------- 34 = 531

At least Needle showed up, and in the process, built himself a nearly-50 point lead. BotN wasn't quite the weakest of the entries, but Granicar was still able to move past them into a tie for 5th with Steelers. It was an ugly, ugly showing in general.

The poor showing was truly borne out in the overall standings, where we plummeted an over 30,000 places and now find ourselves ranked 83,057 out of 215,143.

We're back in action this weekend, with all but two of the matches being played on Saturday. Aston Villa/Man United looks like the best matchup on paper, but Villa's middling showing thus far (only one win in their last six) takes off a lot of the luster. ESPN2 has the match on Saturday morning at 7:45am.

FSC is carrying Man City/Birmingham at 10am and Stoke City/Liverpool at 12:30pm on Saturday; on Sunday, they have Chelsea/Sunderland at 11am.

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A much better showing was had in week 13...

1 Needle FC ------------------- 60 = 691

2 NYFC ------------------------- 70 = 655

3 CB Chargers FC ------------- 63 = 642

4 Swanky Primadonnas ------ 48 = 602

5 Granicar --------------------- 58 = 593

6 Pittsboro Steelers ---------- 57 = 592

7 Back of the Net ------------- 42 = 573

NYFC took honors for the week, and in so doing, made Needle take a peek over his shoulder. Chargers also showed up, and made a pebble-sized dent. The rest of the group lagged a bit, but Steelers and Granicar are keeping things entertaining in the lower half.

We made up a lot of the ground lost, and are now ranked ranked 62,025 out of 216,269.

ESPN2 has the Arsenal/Tottenham faceoff at 7:45am tomorrow. They'll also be showing Sunderland/Everton on Monday at 3pm. I'd love to be able to tell you who's on FSC this weekend, but the page won't open.

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The points after week 14:

1 Needle FC ------------------ 79 = 770

2 NYFC ------------------------- 54 = 709

3 CB Chargers FC ------------ 62 = 704

4 Granicar -------------------- 63 = 656

5 Swanky Primadonnas ----- 50 = 652

6 Pittsboro Steelers ---------- 44 = 636

7 Back of the Net ------------ 38 = 611

Needle's strong outing reasserted their standing as top dog and put the lead over 60 points. Chargers and Granicar had strong showings, but all they were able to do was put pressure on NYFC for 2nd place. Granicar nudging past Primadonnas was the only movement in the table.

The league was able to inch a little bit upward on the overall standings, and is now ranked 60,928 out of 217,228.

There are a couple of noteworthy matches this week, involving teams situated all over the table. Tottenham host the revived Liverpool (FSC on Sun, 11am), Man City visits Stoke, and Chelsea heads north to take on Newcastle. ESPN has Aston Villa/Arsenal tomorrow morning at 7:45am, FSC has Man United/Blackburn at 10am.

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Quick update with Gameweek 16 looming....

1 Needle FC --------------------- 54 = 824

2 CB Chargers FC -------------- 53 = 757

3 NYFC -------------------------- 30 = 739

4 Granicar ---------------------- 45 = 701

5 Swanky Primadonnas ------- 45 = 697

6 Pittsboro Steelers ----------- 46 = 682

7 Back of the Net -------------- 46 = 657

The scores weren't impressive, but Chargers managed enough to take advantage to NYFC's stumble. In the process, Needle's lead was upped to 67 points. Primadonnas are looking to jump past Granicar as soon as this week.

The league drifted backward a touch, and is now ranked 67,052 out of 217,977.

ESPN2 has Chelsea/Everton at 10am. At the same time, FSC has Arsenal/Fulham, followed by Blackpool/Man Untied at 12:30pm. On Sunday, Sunderland/West Ham is on at 11am.

EDIT: The Blackpool/United match has been postponed due to a frozen pitch at Bloomfield Road. No indication yet on a makeup date:

Adjust lineups accordingly!

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Quick update....

1 Needle FC --------------------- 58 = 882

2 CB Chargers FC -------------- 39 = 796

3 NYFC -------------------------- 55 = 794

4 Granicar ---------------------- 45 = 742

5 Swanky Primadonnas -------- 45 = 742

6 Pittsboro Steelers ------------ 57 = 739

7 Back of the Net -------------- 43 = 692

Needle's lead is approaching a full 100 points, and NYFC is knocking on the door to get back into 2nd.

The league is now ranked 70,085 out of 218,642.

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Amazing what you can do when you remember to set your lineup.

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1 Needle FC --------------------- 34 = 916

2 CB Chargers FC -------------- 45 = 841

3 NYFC -------------------------- 43 = 837

4 Granicar ---------------------- 51 = 793

5 Pittsboro Steelers ------------ 45 = 784

6 Swanky Primadonnas ------- 28 = 770

7 Back of the Net --------------- 41 = 733

Needle stumbled, but the lead is still pretty secure. Granicar took the week's honors, but need a few more of these to get into the race. Primadonna's slide continued, and they slid past Steelers into 6th.

The league re-gained some more ground, and is now ranked 66,694 out of 219,112.

Chelsea/United headline week 18. United come in as the hottest team in the EPL, and Chelsea winless in their last five. It's gutcheck time at Stamford Bridge. A loss would put them six points behind, and United has a game in hand. It'll be on FSC at 11am on Sunday.

ESPN has Sunderland/Bolton at 7:45am on Saturday, and Manchester City/Everton at 2:45pm on Monday. FSC has Arsenal/Stoke at 10am and Liverpool/Fulham at 12:30pm on Saturday

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FYI, thanks to freeing conditions, the following matches planned for today have been postponed:

Arsenal v Stoke

Birmingham v Newcastle

Liverpool v Fulham

Wigan v Aston Villa

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The winter weather that shut down England last week wreaked havoc on the fixture list, and the points reflect it:

1 Needle FC -------------------- 4 = 920

2 CB Chargers FC ------------ 28 = 869

3 NYFC ------------------------- 15 = 852

4 Granicar --------------------- 13 = 806

5 Pittsboro Steelers ---------- 14 = 798

6 Swanky Primadonnas ------ 11 = 781

7 Back of the Net ------------ 34 = 767

The common denominator for Chargers and BotN this past weekend was Tim Cahill. The Everton midfielder scored and assisted and was the Man of the Match against Liverpool, and his 26 points (accounting for energency Captain switch) helped Chargers tighten their grip on 2nd, and inched BotN toward 6th.

The league stumbled a bit, and is now ranked 72,022 out of 219,548.

Nearly the entire Gameweek 19 slate will be played on Sunday, and then the headlining match of Arsenal/Chelsea will have the spotlight to themselves on Monday. The WiFi is acting up, so I'll be back later with the TV schedule.

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There were two postponements on today's Boxing Day schedule:



As always, no makeup dates yet announced. This is the second time this season a Blackpool home match has been suspended. Their earlier match with Man United has since been rescheduled for January 25.

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We have a very quick turnaround between Gameweeks, as Gameweek 20 will be tomorrow and Wednesday. I'll wait until then to post the full table, but for now....

Needle, Chargers and NYFC all reached 50 points this weekend, and stayed a healthy distance above the others. Primadonnas pushed past Steelers for 5th place. The league slid toward the low 70k area.

ESPN2 has Man United and Birmingham at 3pm tomorrow. Fox Soccer has Man City/Aston Villa at 10am and West Ham/Everton at 12:30pm.

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Here's the point totals heading into the weekend:

1 Needle FC -------------------- 51 = 1021

2 NYFC --------------------------- 54 = 957

3 CB Chargers FC -------------- 34 = 953

4 Swanky Primadonnas -------- 66 = 893

5 Granicar ---------------------- 52 = 886

6 Pittsboro Steelers ------------ 53 = 879

7 Back of the Net -------------- 40 = 842

NYFC reclaimed their spot in 2nd while Primadonnas took the week's honors, jumping into 4th in the process. The league moved back up again, and heads into the New Year ranked 72,741 out of 220,020.

We're heading into another period where there will be little downtime between Gameweeks. Gameweek 21 will be this weekend, and then Gameweek 22 is next Tuesday and Wednesday, as well as the following Wednesday, the 12th.

Tomorrow, FSC has Man City/Blackpool at 10am and Birmingham/Arsenal at 12:30pm. They have another double-header on Sunday, with Chelsea/Aston Villa kicking off at 8:30am and Wigan/Newcastle at 11am. ESPN2 has Man United/West Brom tomorrow morning at 7:30am.

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Here's the quick update:

NYFC fattened his lead for 2nd place by taking the weeks honors with 64 points. Primadonnas gave back their gains and fell into 6th place after strong efforts by Granicar (now 4th) and Steelers (5th).

With the lowest scores in the 40's the league to a step upward, and is now ranked 66,367 out of 220,250.

Liverpool and Blackpool get 2nd matches in the extended Gameweek, but that doesn't necessarily mean to stock up their players. Liverpool plays both on the Road, where they've lost three straight and have been outscored 16-6 on the season. Blackpool plays twice at home, but don't score a lot and have a diverse offense with no player having more than 5 goals this year.

I'm going to give Blackpool defender Ian Evatt a roll. He's their top-scoring backliner and already has a goal and 2 assists on the season. With Birmingham and Liverpool's road struggles, he could be a double-digit play.

FSC has Man United/Stoke at 3pm tomorrow and Wolves/Chelsea at 2:30pm on Wednesday. Also on Wednesday, ESPN2 is showing Man City/Arsenal at 3pm.

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Gonna do a quickie update this week....

Needle's once-healthy lead has been slashed, and heading into week 22, the lead is down to a mere 15 points over NYFC and 42 over Chargers. Primadonnas actually took the week's honors with 65 points, and used that to move into 5th.

It's a straightforward slate for this week, and the marquee match will no doubt be #4 Tottenham hosting 1st place Man United. Should Spurs defeat United, Man City could slide into 1st with a home win over Wolves, and with Arsenal visiting last place West Ham, things could get very sticky at the top, at least for the time being.

FYI, I just did a quick check and there's thirteen matches in week 23, so if you haven't played a Wild Card yet, you might want to start thinking about it...Man United and Liverpool are among the teams with extra matches.

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The best way to describe week 22 is, "Needle showed up, and everybody else lost ground":

1 Needle FC --------------------- 63 = 1152

2 NYFC --------------------------- 30 = 1104

3 CB Chargers FC --------------- 37 = 1084

4 Swanky Primadonnas -------- 44 = 1038

5 Granicar ----------------------- 30 = 1029

6 Pittsboro Steelers ------------ 37 = 1023

7 Back of the Net --------------- 37 = 974

Needle gave themselves some much needed breathing room, and Chargers gained some ground toward getting back into 2nd. Finishing 2nd for the week got Primadonnas into 4th. The generally low scores caaused the league to tumble, and is now ranked ranked 84,897 out of 221,336

As promised, it's a heavy Gameweek, as matches previously postponed due to weather are now going to be played. Man United, Wigan, Blackpool and Aston Villa play twice in four days, while Liverpool and Fulham play twice in a five day span.

ESPN2 has Wolves at Liverpool at 7:30am tomorrow. FSC has Man United/Birmingham at 10am and Aston Villa/Man City at 12:30pm tomorrow, and on Sunday, they have Blackburn/West Brom at 11am.

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A couple of number stood out this week:

1 Needle FC -------------------- 62 = 1214

2 NYFC -------------------------- 95 = 1199

3 CB Chargers FC -------------- 94 = 1178

4 Swanky Primadonnas -------- 65 = 1103

5 Granicar ---------------------- 62 = 1091

6 Pittsboro Steelers ----------- 63 = 1086

7 Back of the Net -------------- 71 = 1045

NYFC and Chargers vied for very high honors this Gameweek, with NYFC winning out. For the first time in a while, there was no movement in the lower end of the table, but BotN reminded everybody that they may still have a say in things.

You'd think, that with such strong top-to-bottom scoring, we'd do well overall, but somehow we manged to slip a little and are now ranked 86,859 out of 221,761. Go figure.

We have a tight turnaround coming up with Gameweeks 25 and 26. The 25th will be played on Tuesday and Wednesday, and the 26th will cover February 5th and 6th. Immediately after that comes an expanded Gameweek 27, with four extra matches.

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Quick update....

The scores were low in Gameweek 25, with Primadonnas leading the way at 44 points. Most everyone else finished in the 30's and Needle's lead is holding steady at 16 points.

The league has tumbled into the six figures in the overall rankings...that's all I'm going to say about that, LOL.

Chelsea hosting Liverpool would generally be a high-profile match, but the subplot puts it over the top. How do you beat debuting Fernando Torres at home against the Reds? Fox Soccer has it on Sunday at 11am.

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Needle's lead over the rest of the pack stands at 38 points after the quick Gameweeks as we start the mega-week that is Gameweek 27.

Primadonnas is off to a incredibly-fast start with 70 points already - every button he's pushed thus far has paid off - and there's now heat being applied to NYFC and Chargers.

After today, there's going to be one game each day through Tuesday, and then the final three matches of the Gameweek will be played between next Sunday and Wednesday. I'll back after Tuesday with the next update.

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Primadonnas were the clear winners of Gameweek 27, posting 93 points, more than 20 more than Granicar. NYFC made some gains on Needle, and the 1st place lead stands at 22:

1 Needle FC ---------------------- 51 = 1359

2 NYFC ----------------------------- 67 = 1337

3 CB Chargers FC ---------------- 53 = 1312

4 Swanky Primadonnas --------- 93 = 1281

5 Granicar ------------------------ 71 = 1274

6 Back of the Net ---------------- 64 = 1193

7 Pittsboro Steelers ------------- 44 = 1183

The league is now ranked 109,743 out of 223,059.

It's a weird week coming up, with only nine matches, and while Arsenal, Birmingham and Tottenham sits things out, Man United plays twice, including a face-off with Chelsea on Tuesday.

Wigan/Man United are on FSC tomorrow at 10am, immediately followed by Aston Villa/Blackburn. On Sunday, Arsenal and Birmingham play the Carling Cup final at 11am.

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