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Buy low on Stanton?

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I was in no way shape or form targeting Markakis and I took him as a BPA in the 13th round - pretty good value there (I suppose). My opinion of the guy is he's basically interchangeable with a lot of WW OFs, and his lack of any notable contribution to my team so far this year just confirms that.

He does seem to have some name recognition value though. Would it be out of line to offer him up for Stanton, or would that be an insulting offer to you Stanton fanatics out there. The guy who owns him severely overdrafted him (took him in the 6th round) so this may be a complete waste of bandwidth anyway.

Also - is it even a good idea? I wasn't targeting Stanton either because of his 9th rd ADP which I thought was too high. If he was there is the 13th though I would have grabbed him. This league penalizes K's so I'd obviously have to absorb that. My short term plan is to just bench him to see if he can get it going.

This is for the team/league in my sig below - thanks

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