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Looking for dedicated manager to take over AWESOME team

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Are you a dedicated fantasy baseball manager looking for a rare opportunity?

The Black Diamond League is currently taking applications to fill one managerial position. What's rare, you ask? This team needs virtually no rebuilding. It's a young squad, but with future studs like Alex Gordon, Evan Longoria, Prince Fielder and Billy Butler to work with, you'll definitely be in good shape. You'll also be competitive NOW with established fantasy stars Mark Teixeira, C.C. Sabathia and Hideki Matsui, not to mention Francisco Liriano waiting in the wings.

What are the league details?

The BDL is a 16-team/four division dynasty league with a 28-man MLB roster and 7-man Minor League roster that is hosted on CBS Sportsline. We play head-to-head using standard 5X5 scoring categories. The league champion is decided via playoffs every September. For a more detailed look at the league's rules, policies and format, feel free to browse our rulebook here.

Would I fit in playing in the BDL?

If you're a fun person who enjoys friendly, yet serious, competition, talking smack, socializing, and generally having a good time, you'll fit in nicely with the folks in the BDL. We run a league message board forum year-round, and while not everyone hangs around in the offseason, many of us do. It's accurate to describe the BDL as a social league. If you are interested in making some new friends and chatting on a daily basis with some good guys, you'll enjoy our league.

I've been talked into joining crappy leagues before. How do I know the BDL is a quality league?

The BDL is run by extremely dedicated dual commissioners; therefore, the league's foundation is rock-solid. As is demonstrated by our website, we keep detailed records of each team and overall league achievements, including the annual awarding of a most valuable manager. If your application is accepted, you'll be stepping into a quality atmosphere few other leagues can match.

What about league fees?

Currently, no league fees are charged. I cannot guarantee this will always remain the case, but as of right now, this is a free league.



Pierzynski, A.J. C

Fielder, Prince 1B

Burke, Chris 2B

Mora, Melvin 3B

Furcal, Rafael SS

Crisp, Coco CF

Matsui, Hideki LF

Monroe, Craig LF

Teixeira, Mark 1B

Molina, Yadier C

Castillo, Jose 2B

Bartlett, Jason SS

Kemp, Matt CF

Milledge, Lastings LF


Buehrle, Mark

Farnsworth, Kyle

Garza, Matt

Hansen, Craig

Haren, Dan

Hernandez, Livan

Jones, Todd

Liriano, Francisco

Loaiza, Esteban

Ortiz, Ramon

Sabathia, C.C.

Shields, James

Sowers, Jeremy

Weathers, David


Gordon, Alex 3B

Longoria, Evan 3B

Butler, Billy OF

Ellsbury, Jacoby OF

Carrillo, Cesar SP

Kershaw, Clayton P

Redmond, Todd P

If this is something you're interested in, send me an email and I'll send a questionnaire application your way. I'll be taking applications until Wednesday with the hope of having a new manager installed with the team by Friday or Saturday in anticipation of Opening Day this coming Sunday.

All interested persons will be required to fill out a multiple-question "manager quality" application. If that's a problem, don't bother inquiring about the position. B) I'm seeking only the most dedicated, competitive and friendly person available. The applications will be reviewed by myself and my co-commissioner, followed by the selection of who we feel is the most qualified applicant.

Thanks in advance for any interest.

Scotty Wampler

BDL Commissioner

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Although I intended to accept applications through Wednesday, I'm shutting down this ad. We have received several stellar applications already, and it will be difficult as it is to select someone.

Thanks very much to everyone who applied. The selected applicant will be notified by Friday.

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