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Well as changed in the OP, we are now open to any amount if it will get more people interested.

Good idea bro, once we get the guys we can even post a poll on what amount we will play for. This will be fun, especially with guys from the forum. Lets go Fellas , it will be worth it !!!

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Alright count me in. Just one suggestion how about adding a rebounds category.

Gotcha, it should have been in there but I must have just left it out by accident.

I am going to go and edit that post and add it, so if it's there next time you look you haven't gone crazy.

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So far this is what the roster looks like....

PG, SG, G, G,

SF, PF, F, F


As for the categories this is what I am in favor of....

FG%, FT%, 3PM, PTS, REB, STL, BLK, and TOs

And this is who has showed interest so far....


The Bozinator




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Looking to set up a money league, we can figure out the amount once we get enough interest to fill up a league. I am open to almost any prices. Disregard any of the below posts about the league being at $100.

How many you guys got? I don't know any of you, so I'd suggest something a little less than $100. I might be interested. I am doing two $150 leagues and a $100 league as of right now -- 1 keeper, 2 redrafts. I prefer redrafts, easier to commit to a league for one year and it avoids the nasty politics of keeper leagues, i.e. losing an owner in the offseason, draft pick trades, etc.




brentpearson1@gmail.com <--- prefer an e-mail, I don't check these boards as much as I probably should.

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