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Who to stash/pick-up? WHIR

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For some reason, no one in my league has been stashing these guys and they're all available. Given my team, a shallow 8-team league, and the players available, who should I pick up and who should I drop? Maybe just sit tight? I'm doing well enough to think about long run I think.

Also, any other comments or criticism about my team is totally welcomed and appreciated.

Here are the injured players avail...John Wall, Rubio, Amare, Granger, Rose.

8-Team H2H Daily 9-Cat (t/o)

My team:

Kyrie (injured)



D Will


David Lee



Klay Thompson


Marc Gasol

Tyson Chandler


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Seems like Rubio's the only one ready to come back and the league is pretty shallow so thats why theyre still there. I'd say youre probably a little short on assists so I'd probably grab rubio for Bargnani perhaps. Rubio could be real nice this year if he shoots a little better and stays healthy of course.

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