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New 12 Team AL only Keeper League on ESPN

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This free h2h points league uses a scoring system that has been proven to be balanced and fun in two other continuing leagues. The draft will be by auction on Saturday, March 30. The league also uses the FAAB option for in season player acquisitions. Players may be kept according to an increasing "salary" each season. Minor league players are included in the system.

Here is a link to the league:

Please feel free to ask questions.

George (Red Beards)

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I only need 3 more managers.


1. There is no streaming and the ESPN limit loophole has been closed, yet teams who actively manage their pitching roster have a significant advantage over teams that do not.

2. The increasing salary system for keepers rewards managers who successfully invest in and keep minor league players before they become popular, however, teams do not have to purchase any minor league players.

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