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New Keeper Snake Draft 3/19 using Leaguesafe $40 **Correction**

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Welcome to the FGMDA Baseball keeper league! I've been running leagues for about 15 years now. I currently run FGMDA baseball and football leagues. We do not currently have a baseball keeper league going (it's just a year to year redraft league), but we would like to add a keeper league.

You will be able to keep up to 3 players per year. Players can be kept a max of 3 years from when they were drafted. By keeping a player, you surrender a draft pick in the round before they were taken. To keep them a 2nd and 3rd year, you give up a pick multiplied by that year kept.

For example:

Say I drafted Bryce Harper last year in the 19th round. I could keep him for an 18th this year, 16th the year after, and the final year i could keep him he would cost me a 13th round pick.

Above is a link to the league settings.

We will have a snake draft on 3/19 at 8pm est. The order will be randomized an hour before the draft.

12 teams, draft order randomized an hour before the draft


1st - $320

2nd - $100

3rd - $40

Please email me if you're interested in joining. dsanders877 @

We are looking to have a good group of owners who would like to keep this going for many years.


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need 5 more to pay. have had many others say they'd like to join, but the next 5 to pay get in.


we will go with 10 teams if we have to, but would prefer 12.

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