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Need 1 manager; Simple, fun, elite h2h keeper on Yahoo. Free.

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This is our 3rd season as a keeper league and our 8th season overall. We have an incredible group of managers and one of our new managers ended up not being able to make the draft so we have an opening.

Draft is this upcoming Sunday the 24th at 6:30 PM eastern.

Your keepers are the following:

1. Clayton Kershaw (Round 3)

2. Billy Butler (Round 8)

3. Starlin Castro (Round 10)

4. Alex Rios (Round 21) or CC (Round 4) or Greinke (Round 2) or anyone else from your team's 2012 year-end roster.

We also have a unique rule where players with 200 or fewer career ABs and 75 or fewer career IP are able to be kept as a 5th optional keeper, called the "rookie". Rookie keepers are always slotted in the last round of the draft. Your previous owner didn't roster any rookie eligible players though, unfortunately.

When a free agent or rookie who lost their eligibility are kept they are slotted into the 15th round.

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