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8-Team League

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Need 5 teams for an 8-team ESPN league. Turns out, my friends don't like the prospect of fantasy baseball nearly as much as fantasy football; they really don't want to have to check it every day.

The draft will likely be Saturday night.

If there's interest from 7 people, I'll change it to a 10-team league.

Format is Head-to-Head, with weekly matchups against other owners. Points are based on the standard ESPN system.

Regular season is 21 weeks, Playoffs are weeks 22-24. 25 is not used. Each team makes the playoffs in an 8-team league, with 3 rounds of playoffs (8 teams, then 4 teams, then 2 teams with a winner). If it's a 10-team league, the bottom 2 teams will not make the playoffs.

H2H records will be used for rankings, and the matchup tie-breaker is Runs scored.

And the point of this whole endeavor is glory. And gratification. The glory and gratification of beating other people at Fantasy Baseball. No Money!

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