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Startup Dynasty – PPR, Salary Cap, SuperBowl Payout $1200

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Hello all. I’ve started a new dynasty and I’m looking to fill a few vacant spots. I’ve formatted the league so it’s unique from all the other dynasty leagues out there. This league is salary cap based, allowing you to bid on any player you want and assign a contract from 1-4 years. There are also other cool features like cutting players, franchise tags, and drafting college prospects. Unlike most leagues that have a 4 round NFL rookie draft, this league has a 4 round college draft. Another twist is that we start 2 QBs. This shifts the dynamic of the league and forces the manager to think a little harder.

Some other details, it’s a 12-team league, H2H format, 6 teams make the playoffs. Payouts are awarded to the top 3 scoring teams and top 3 in the playoffs. In addition, every 3 years we have a super payout of $1200 to the top scoring team over that period. 2nd and 3rd place receive funds as well.

I already have by-laws written and a home for the league. All transactions take place on ProBoards and the scoring and H2H is done through Yahoo. If you are a huge MFL fan, I chose ProBoards because the site is free and doesn’t have any limitations to how I run the league. Using MFL they charge $70/year plus restrict some of the different rules I want to implement. I’ve run a league on ProBoards before and it’s not bad at all.

So if you are interested in the league please e-mail me at or just visit the proboards page at

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