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Looking For a Replacement Owner (12-team)(H2H ESPN)($20 entry fee)

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It is ARGUABLY the WORST team in the league, and we are only looking for someone who is up for the challenge of rebuilding the team.

The league is H2H most cat. 6 x 6 (R-HR-RBI-SB-AVG-OBP) x (K-W-ERA-WHIP-SV-HLD).

League Safe entry fee: $20, we would put it more but this was our first year. Everything went great, so we don't care much for money, just fun.

You get to keep 10 players for next year, so it shouldn't be that hard to rebuild the team with a trade or two.


C: Miguel Montero

1B: Albert Pujols

2B: Jurickson Profar

SS: Starlin Castro

3B: Chase Headley

OF: Josh Hamilton

OF: Martin Prado

OF: Michael Bourn

UTIL: Kendrys Morales

UTIL: Shane Victorino

P: James Shields

P: Clay Buchholz

P: Ubaldo Jimenez

P: Tim Lincecum

P: Bronson Arroyo

There were more players, but I found them irrelevant as keepers so didn't post them.

Please, if you are not up for the challenge, do not sign up for it.

Let me know if you are interested.

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There's another team that might be opened as well.

1B: Anthony Rizzo

2B: Ben Zobrist

3B: Juan Francisco

SS: JJ Hardy

OF: Curtis Granderson

OF: Jayson Werth

OF: Jacoby Ellsbury

UTIL: Adam Dunn

UTIL: Adrian Gonzalez

Bench: Coco Crisp

Bench: Lorenzo Cain

Bench: Nick Swisher

Bench: Matt Dominguez

P: Craig Kimbrel

P: CJ Wilson

P: Derek Holland

P: Ivan Nova

P: Edison Volquez

P: Travis Wood

P: Jeremy Guthrie

P: Andrew Cashner

P: Justin Masterson

P: Francisco Liriano

P: Kyle Kendrick

Remember: you get to keep only 10, so don't look at the roster and say "wow impossible." You just have to pick the 10 best guys. and build around them.

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