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11th year Mixed 5X5 Roto Auction Keeper has two openings

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Competitive, established league with mature owners seeks replacement owner.

Quick overview of the league:

- going into 11th year


- 14 team mixed auction keeper

- standard 5x5 roto except we use just switched to saves+holds instead of saves

- using for entry fees

- weekly transactions

- up to 10 major league keepers and 6 minor league keepers

- start 15 batters, 12 pitchers - we start a lot because of weekly lineups and wanted the same feeling of depth we had when we were daily and could rotate pitchers in and out all the time

- minor league draft (real easy by email)

- in season salary cap (reduces some of the really bad dump trades)

- up to 3 year contracts - Add $5 per year for 2 year contract, add $10 per year for 3 year contract

- FAAB twice a week

- $125 entry fee, 100% paid out after website fee

- 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and most improved second half team cash prizes

- bad contracts can be broken for a $5 penalty (comes off your auction budget) at the auction

- Auction date is March 16 2013 at 12pm CT.

- online auction on

Below are the available teams. The number to the right of the player is their salary and if they currently have a contract its to the right of the salary (in number of seasons remaining) or blank if no current contract. "M" means minor league eligible although there may be others on the roster that are eligible, the player just needs to be a rookie according to MLB rules (but we ignore the number of days on roster). Also, I may have "M" on a player that exhausted his eligibility next year but everything should be correct. Please PM, reply in this thread, or email at shawn junk at mail dot com (remove spaces) if interested. Thanks!


Rosario, Wilin© COL 11 2

Martin, Leonys(OF) TEX 1

Machado, Manny(3B) BAL 11 2

Zobrist, Ben(2B,OF,SS) TB 24

Descalso, Daniel(2B,3B,SS) STL 1

Konerko, Paul(1B) CHW 20

Carter, Chris(1B,OF) HOU 3

DeJesus, David(OF) TB 1

Gardner, Brett(OF) NYY 13

LeMahieu, DJ(2B) COL 3

Parra, Gerardo(OF) ARI 1

Gregorius, Didi(SS) ARI 1

Chavez, Eric(3B) ARI 7

Kemp, Matt(OF) LAD 36

Maybin, Cameron(OF) SD 12

Bethancourt, Christian© ATL 1 M

Cowart, Kaleb(3B) LAA 1 M

Russell, Addison(SS) OAK 1 M

Seager, Corey(SS) LAD 1 M

Wheeler, Tim(OF) COL 1 M

Pacheco, Jordan(1B) COL 1

Wacha, Michael(P) STL 1

Masterson, Justin(P) CLE 2

Perez, Martin(P) TEX 1

Chacin, Jhoulys(P) COL 2

Frieri, Ernesto(P) LAA 8

Norris, Bud(P) BAL 7

Jackson, Edwin(P) CHC 2

Jimenez, Ubaldo(P) CLE 2

Verlander, Justin(P) DET 37

Westbrook, Jake(P) STL 2

Bettis, Chad(P) COL 1 M

Gibson, Kyle(P) MIN 1 M

Chatwood, Tyler(P) COL 4

Banuelos, Manny(P) NYY 1 M

Britton, Zach(P) BAL 2

Paxton, James(P) SEA 1 M

Stauffer, Tim(P) SD 1

Stewart, Kohl(P) MIN 1


Castro, Jason© HOU 1

Ortiz, David(U) BOS 12

Loney, James(1B) TB 2

Gonzalez, Adrian(1B) LAD 32

Cano, Robinson(2B) SEA 43

Sandoval, Pablo(3B) SF 18

Castro, Starlin(SS) CHC 29

Pedroia, Dustin(2B) BOS 28

Jay, Jon(OF) STL 6

Joyce, Matt(OF) TB 1

Morrison, Logan(OF,1B) SEA 6

Upton, Justin(OF) ATL 36

Wells, Vernon(OF) NYY 2

Aviles, Mike(3B,SS) CLE 1

Gonzalez, Carlos(OF) COL 36

Schafer, Jordan(OF) ATL 1

Reimold, Nolan(U) BAL 1

Kazmir, Scott(P) OAK 3

Wood, Alex(P) ATL 1

Melancon, Mark(P) PIT 1

Allen, Cody(P) CLE 1

Avilan, Luis(P) ATL 1

Cecil, Brett(P) TOR 1

Loup, Aaron(P) TOR 1

Ross, Robbie(P) TEX 1

Smith, Joe(P) LAA 1

Torres, Alex(P) TB 1

Feldman, Scott(P) HOU 1

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