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Hello I am the Commissioner of a 4th year league that is being rebranded with a fresh new configuration and clean rosters. I am looking for really talented GM's that are looking for a deep dynasty organization. You claim a real life organization and its roster. You build your roster and you post your roster on the Fantrax League site. This is a 24 team league to keep it free and a minimum of 20 teams. Please visit our board on Are the mad scientist that craves a true dynasty league with great owners.

Budget Cap:

Each season all 15 teams will be given a $200 budget to bid on major league and minor league players. The budget is kept on google docs and shortcut is located in the top left of page. Once the budget is exhausted then you may not bid on further players. You can not have bids for players excessing your budget.

Playing Site

MLB Futures is played on Fantrax and is a free league to all members



At Bats (AB) 0.5

Hits (H) 2

Home Runs (HR) 2

Runs Batted In (RBI) 2

Runs Scored ® 2

Stolen Bases (SB) 1.5

Walks (BB) 2

Total Bases (TB) 1.5


Blown Saves (BS) -10

Earned Runs Allowed (ER) -3

Games Played (GP) 2

Hits Allowed (H) -1.5

Holds (Hld) 5

Innings Pitched (IP) 6

Quality Starts (QS) 10

Saves (Sv) 10

Strikeouts Pitched (K) 3

Walks Allowed (BB) -1.5

Wins (W) 10

Minor League size and Eligability

All teams will be allowed to carry 40 players on your minor league roster. Any player that is a hitter can be placed in the minors until he reaches 300 major league at bats. Pitchers may remain in the minors until they reach 50 game appearances in the majors. Once a player reaches these limits teams will be given 24 hours to promote player to the majors. If after the 24 hours and the player is not promoted or released the commissioner reserves the right to remove player from your roster and placed up for bid. Please monitor your rosters.

Trade Deadline

the trade deadline for NL Only will be July 31st at 11:59pm est

Trading in MLB Futures

All trades will remain open for 48 hours for approval. The time does not start until both parties accept the trade. The 48 hours officially starts once the trade has been accepted. The league will vote on trades. In order for a trade to be vetoed it will have to have a minimum of 5 vetoes from the league.

Position Eligability

Games needed from previous season for a player to qualify at a hitting position : 1

Games needed from current season for a player to qualify at a hitting position: 1

Starts needed from previous season for a player to qualify as a starter : 1

Starts needed from current season for a player to qualify as a starter : 1

Relief appearances needed from previous season for a player to qualify as a reliever : 3

Relief appearances needed from current season for a player to qualify as a reliever: 3


Rosters are set up as 35 man major league rosters and 40 man minor league rosters. To reinforce please keep in mind that no player may remain in the minors once they reach 300 major league at bats and pitchers no more than 50 appearances.

Active Roster

Catcher 1

First Base 1

2nd Base 1

Shortstop 1

Outfielders 3

Utility 1

Starting Pitchers 5

Relief Pitchers 5

Tie Breakers

1. Ahead in more scoring categories

2. 1st place in more scoring categories

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