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Forming New League... a kiss league

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The number one object of this league will be FUN for all!

hense the league name will be.... "Fun for All". aka "ffa" for short.

I encourage the men to find a woman to share ownership with... and visa-versa ladies. Introduce a friend to this easy-going hobby... it could lead to great times visiting MLB ballparks, etc..

Trades and FA signings will be subject to league vote and only available once a week per team (otherwise it gets to complicated)

We will use the MLB active rosters only. Again kiss.

We will use basic scoring ESPN h2h total points per week wins the match-up.

offense pts.... Runs, RBIs, Hits, SBs, OBP

defense pts... Es, DPs

pitching pts.... IPs, WHIP, Ks, QS, Svs, Ws, Ls

Hope to get eight teams.

yes that is a very low number for us "experts", but consider that every team should be well stocked to increase the FUN FACTOR and the kiss element.

Anyone who is determined by the vote of the owners to be "un-FUN" will be subject to

A "FB panty raid". That is to say we will post a pic of 'whitey tighties" with your attached team name on FB page. Private Settings will be in use folks.

that's all i can think of right now...

help me develop this league and I'll send you a kiss via the ghost of Eartha Kitt!

(don't I and you wish)

the "rules" i have outlined are subject to review and revision in the interest of fun.

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I sense there is no interest in this concept.

could it be...

1) guys/gals are too busy with competitve leagues?

2) the boys here are affraid to get whooped by a girl?

3) the concept is too different for you to wrap your head around. I know it's not too complicated!

Must be something about scoring.

I am open to ideas folks.

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