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1st year 15 team 5x5 Yahoo Roto Dynasty Money League

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This year I will be running a Yahoo 5x5 Roto Dynasty $ League and am looking for owners. The League fee will be $20 and will use LeagueSafe. If you are interested in this league, after reading the League Constitution below, feel free to send me an email along with your Fantasy Baseball resume to:


To assemble a daily lineup of 23 players whose cumulative stats, accumulated by the methods provided in the following rules, exceed those of every other team in the league.

League Size/Draft Format/League Fees/Payouts

League Size

The League will consist of 15 total members

Draft Format

The Ultimate Dynasty League will be run using a Live Online Snake Draft that consists of 25 rounds during year one. There will also be a 5 round “Minor League Draft” that will consist of only players without MLB experience. The “Minor League Draft” will run in the reverse order of the “MLB Draft” and will be snake as well.

Starting in year two, there will be a yearly “Free Agent/Minor League Draft” Where teams can finish filling out their MLB and Minor League Rosters with players that are not currently on a roster. The draft will run in the reverse order of the previous years standings and will not be a snake draft. Draft picks are also tradable but only 1 year ahead of the draft

League Fees and Payouts

The league fee each year for every person is $20.

League Safe will be used to keep the league money

The Top 3 Teams each year will be paid out using the following structure

1st Place - $150

2nd Place - $100

3rd Place - $50

However, if there is a 1st place tie then they will split the total money from the 1st and 2nd place slots and 2nd place will receive the 3rd place money.

If there is a 2nd place tie, they will split the total money of 2nd and 3rd place slots

If there is a 3rd place tie, they will split the 3rd place winnings.


Major League Rosters

The following is the breakdown of the 25-man roster and 23-man lineup

- (2) Catchers

- (1) First Baseman

- (1) Corner Infielder

- (1) Third Baseman

- (1) Second Baseman

- (1) Middle Infielder

- (1) Shortstop

- (5) Outfielders

- 1 Utility Player

- (9) Pitchers (Either Starting Pitchers or Relievers)

- (2) Bench Players (Either Hitters or Pitchers)

Your roster at the end of the season will carry over into the next year.

Minor League Rosters

Minor League Rosters can consist of a max 5 players at all times. These players can play any position.

In order to be placed on a minor league roster a player must have less than 130 AB or 50 IP. However, once a player is placed on a minor league roster he can remain there for the remainder of the year regardless of AB or IP. But, once a player is called up to your MLB Roster and passes the 130 AB or 50 IP mark they can no longer be called down


The following categories will be used to determine a team’s performance and league standings (5x5 Rotisserie)

- Composite On Base Percentage

- Total Home Runs

- Total Runs Batted In

- Total Runs Scored

- Total Stolen Bases

- Composite WHIP (Walks x Hits / Innings Pitched)

- Composite ERA

- Total Wins

- Total Saves

- Total Strikeouts


Teams are ranked from first to last in each of the ten categories and given points for their respective ranking (In a 12-team league, for instance, 12 points for 1st place, 11 points for 2nd place, etc.)

The team with the most overall points at the end of the major league regular season will be deemed the winner.

In the case of ties in an individual category, the tied teams will share the ranking points of the tied positions in the standings.

In the case of ties in total points, the team that finishes ahead of the other in more categories will be deemed the winner. If both teams remain tied after this comparison, the tie will stand.

Draft Day

1st Year Draft (Initial Draft)

The league Draft will be held on March 17th, 2014 at 9pm EST.

The draft order will be determined at least a week before the draft using an online randomizer will the results being emailed to everyone from that site.

The Draft will consist of 25 total rounds and will be run using a snake draft format

All players in the Yahoo Database will be eligible to be drafted, regardless of MLB experience.

These draft picks are NOT eligible to be traded

Minor League Draft

During the 1st year of the league a 5 round Minor League Draft will be held. The draft will be run in reverse order of the Initial Draft and will also be a snake.

To be eligible for the Minor League Draft a player must have less than 130 AB or 50 IP and also not have been taken in the Initial Draft.

These draft picks are NOT eligible to be traded

Free Agent/Minor League Draft

Every year of the league beginning with the 2nd, a Free Agent/Minor League Draft will be held for teams to fill out their rosters.

Players eligible for this draft will players who are considered minor league players and are not on a current Minor League Roster or players who did not finish the previous year on a roster.

The draft will run in the reverse order of the previous years standings and will NOT be a snake draft.

Teams that have either full Major League or Minor League Rosters can drop a player from either roster before they make their pick. However, a team can NEVER go over the 25 player MLB max or the 5 man Minor League max

Disabled List

Each team will have 5 Disabled List spots

In order for a player to be placed on the Ultimate Dynasty League Disabled List, they must also be on the Major League Baseball Disabled List.

Once a player is taken off the MLB DL they must also be taken off the UDL DL,

Otherwise you will not be able to sign any players from the Waiver Pool.

Free Agency

Beginning right after the Initial Draft for the 1st year or the FA/ML draft for year 2 and through the end of the MLB regular season, Free Agents in the Free Agent pool may be signed, without limit, in the following manner:

Each team will have $100 FAAB (Free Agent Acquisition Budget) for the purpose of acquiring Free Agents to start the year.

Up until the Weekly Transaction Deadline of Sunday, a team may submit a bid for one or more Free Agents (as long as they aren’t currently on a teams Minor League Roster). These bids will be submitted weekly using the yahoo system.

A Free Agent goes to the highest bidder. If more than one team makes the highest bid than that player will go to the team that has the lowest Waiver Priority.

If a team releases a player that he took in the “Initial League Draft”(regardless of what year the league is in) and that player is placed on his MLB teams Disabled List, the team releasing that player will receive FAAB money equal to the round he drafted that player in. For example, if that player was drafted in the 1st round the team that drafted him will receive $25 FAAB, $24 FAAB for the 2nd round and so on. (A team can only do this up until July 31st at 5pm EST after that point a team will no longer receive FAAB payment for that player)


Trades can be made at any time up until the conclusion of the League Trade Deadline on August 31st at 12am EST.

Initial Draft Picks and Minor League Draft Picks cannot be traded. However, picks from Free Agent/Minor League Draft can be moved before at any time before the League Trade Deadline and not more than a year ahead of the draft.

Players on your Minor League Roster are also eligible to be traded before the Trade Deadline. However, if your MLB Roster goes over 25 or your ML Roster goes over 5, you must release a player from the roster the transaction will affect.

Players on your Disabled List cannot be traded but players on the MLB Disabled List can be traded.

Teams are free to make any trades at any time as long as they follow the rules above.

If you do not agree with a trade that has been posted for review, you can post an “Official League Veto” on the Yahoo League Message Board, with your reasoning for vetoing the trade.

If 1/3 of the league decides that the trade should be vetoed using the “Official League Veto System” The trade will be vetoed and the agreeing teams must go back to the drawing board and post a “revised” version of the trade.

If draft picks or Minor League Players are involved in the trade, one of the teams involved in the transaction must post this on the Message Board and also the player being released to make room (if needed)

Each trade is eligible for 2 days to be vetoed



Fee Schedule for (2014)

The League Fee of $20 must be paid March 5th. If the Fee is not paid by then you will be removed from the league.

Draft Day

All owners are expected to be there on draft day. In the event that a person does not show up on draft day, you will not receive a refund. You will still however, be able to stay in the league.

Illegal Moves

All illegal player moves made by a league member will be nullified. For an illegal draft pick, the player will be immediately released back into the player pool before the next pick.

Removal of League Members

If a league member is continuously making illegal moves or is inactive for a week or more (without prior authorization) they can be removed from the league at any time.

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