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Looking for Two Manager - One for Each League

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9th Year Keeper League - 10 Teams

My primary league has an opening for the first time in five years. We are being very deliberate about finding a new owner who would commit the league and be active and involved in managing the major league and minor league roster.

30 Player Roster

12 Minor League Players

6 X 6 League - with QS and OBP

6 Major League Keepers

12 Minor League Keepers

2nd Year Dynasty League - 12 Teams

I also started a 12 team dynasty that needs one new manager.

40 Man Roster

12 Farm Team Players

All players kept.

I am happy to give you access so you can look at the leagues. And ask all the questions you want. So you can make an informed decision. League fees for each is $225.

Email me at

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