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NEW CBS Dynasty League Starting up 15 team H2H $100 buy in

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The Draft:

The Inaugural draft will be a 6 round draft where teams will select 2 Major League Offenses, 2 Major League Pitching Staffs Including RP, and 2 Major League Minor League Systems.

After the draft the owners construct their teams with the selected players from the teams they picked and will release the extraneous players who do not fit on their rosters back into Free Agency.

When it comes to Minor League Rosters each team is allowed to keep up to 30 Minor Leaguers from the Minor League systems they have selected. The rest of the minor leaguers will be thrown back into Free Agency. If a player is ranked on the 2014 top 100 Prospect list and had a September call up we will defer to the top 100 prospect list. So players such as Billy Hamilton, Oscar Taveras, and Xander Bogartes will be draftable for their team’s minor league systems not the Major League offenses or rotations.


All rosters will include:

2 Catcher, 1 First Baseman, 1 Second Baseman, 1 Third Baseman, 1Shortstop, 1 Left fielder, 1 Center fielder, 1 Right fielder, 2 Utility Player (any position player), 5 Starting Pitchers and 4 Relief Pitchers.

All benches will consist of 8 players. ALL BENCHES MUST HAVE AT LEAST 1 HITTER or 1 PITCHER.

All teams can carry up to 30 minor league players.

There will be 4 spots reserved for injured players. Only players on the MLB DL will qualify for these spots.

All active rosters must consist of players on active major league rosters. No storing of extra minors leaguers in active roster spots.


Our Scoring System will be H2H 5X5

The Categories in hitting will be HRs, RBI, R, SB-CS, OPS.

The Categories in pitching will be ERA, WHIP, Ks+GO-WALKS, Wins+QS, and 3*SV+HD


The season will be 22 weeks long, All playoff series will be 1 week long, including championship series! The entire playoff round will last 3 weeks total.

Divisons: There will be 3 Divisions of 5 Teams


Since we have 15 teams each team will play 2 matchups per week.


A player in the BCBL qualifies as minor league eligible based on the following criteria: If a hitter has 500 major league at bats or less, if a pitcher has 200 innings pitched or less. Any player exceeding these criteria will no longer be eligible for minor league status AND IMMEDIATELY DROPPED. THIS PLAYER WILL NOT BE ELIGIBLE TO BE PICKED UP. INSTEAD HE WILL GO INTO THE NEXT YEARS ROOKIE DRAFT AND BE ELIGIBLE TO BE DRAFTED! TO BE FAIR WE WILL GIVE A 30 AT BAT EXTENDED PERIOD AND 15 INNINGS EXTENDED GRACE PERIOD.


Any owner may trade players with another owner at any time during the trading deadlines. After the trade deadline no trades may be made until the season has ended. Same rules apply for free agent signing up until the waiver wire deadline. The trade deadline will be on Sunday of week 20, midnight EST (2 weeks prior to our playoffs beginning). The waiver wire deadline is the end of our season, Sunday of week 22, midnight deadline EST. Any team may still drop players during this time but may not replace them until the playoff season ends. During the playoffs NO PLAYERS can be moved from the minors to the majors or vica versa.

Any players not on a roster that has a contract with the MLBPA (this includes free agents but not college/high school/foreign players that have NOT agreed to terms) will be available for the rookie draft.

Foreign players signed to a major league contract after the rookie draft will not be eligible for pick up until the following season.


There will be 2 sets of playoffs, the top 8 teams for the Championship and the bottom 8 teams for the Pity Party Award. Each playoff system will be 4 weeks long to determine the winners. In the event of a tie, the team with the Division Winners will advance in the 1st round over the wild cards, in the 4vs5 matchup the for seed will advance. In the semi-finals the higher seeded team advances in a tie. The Championship match will be two weeks long so the championship is earned. In the event of a tie in the championship it will be the higher seed team that wins.

The Championship matches will have the 3 division winners playing the 5 wild card winners in a 1 vs. 8, 2 vs. 7, 3 vs. 6 and 4 vs. 5(all wildcard matchup) setup with winners advancing in bracket form until the Champion is crowned.

The Pity Party Award matches will seed 9 vs. 16, 10 vs. 15, 11 vs. 14 and 12 vs. 13 with the winners advancing in bracket form until the Pity Party Award winner is determined.


If two teams finish with a tie at the end of the regular season then the tie breaker will be head to head matchup. If there is a tie in the head to head matchup then the tie breaker will go by division record.


All playoff rosters will be locked prior to the first game of the playoffs. Only Active and reserve players will be eligible for the playoff run. No usage of minor leaguers will be allowed during the playoffs.


The fees are $100.00 and are due by March 15 of each season/year. If your money is not in by the March 1st, there will be a $10.00 late charge. If the league fee is not paid within 7 days of the start of the year your team will be forfeited and a new owner found. No refunds. League Fees will be handled in League Safe.


1500 Total In the Prize Pot



Division Winners (3 Divison Winners)






Runner Up











Pity Party Award winner receives FIRST PICK IN THE ROOKIE DRAFT


Pick Team


2 15th regular season winning percentage

3 14th regular season winning percentage

4 13th regular season winning percentage

5 12th regular season winning percentage

6 11th regular season winning percentage

7 10th regular season winning percentage

8 9th regular season winning percentage

9 8th regular season winning percentage

10 7th regular season winning percentage

11 6th regular season winning percentage

12 5th regular season winning percentage

13 4th regular season winning percentage

14 3rd regular season winning percentage

15 2nd regular season winning percentage

16 League Champion


The draft will take place beginning March 1st of the new year at 9:00AM EST. The draft will be 3 rounds. ***Subject to change per Commissioner***


College and foreign players are not eligible to be drafted or picked up unless they have been signed to a MLBPA contract prior to the rookie draft. IF signed after the rookie draft they must wait until the following season's draft. NO EXCEPTION!


The Commissioner has the right to change/alter any and all rules in the best interest of the league only as final means necessary! All league decisions will be put to a vote and handled DEMOCRATICALLY! In case of a voting tie, commissioner will have final say on ruling.

If over the course of a year, owners are not responding to trade requests in a timely manner, the commissioner reserves the right to put in an activity clause into the constitution. Before entering the league, owners were told that the only requirement for this league is activity. I understand everyone has busy schedules, but it should not take more then a day or two to respond to trades or posts.

If Interested email

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