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Innovative New Format for a League

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Hey guys, I am trying to find the most active 16 owners for a new fantasy baseball league. Here are some of the details on the format.


The Draft:

The Inaugural draft will be a 6 round draft where teams will select 2 Major League Offenses, 2 Major League

Pitching Staffs Including RP, and 2 Major League Minor League Systems.

After the draft the owners construct their teams with the selected players from the teams they picked and

will release the extraneous players who do not fit on their rosters back into Free Agency.

When it comes to Minor League Rosters each team is allowed to keep up to 30 Minor Leaguers from the

Minor League systems they have selected. The rest of the minor leaguers will be thrown back into Free



All rosters will include:

2 Catcher, 2 First Baseman, 2 Second Baseman, 2 Third Baseman, 1 Middle Infielder, 1 Left fielder, 1 Center fielder, 1 Right fielder, 2 Utility Player (any position player), 5 Starting Pitchers and 4 Relief Pitchers.

All benches will consist of 8 players. ALL BENCHES MUST HAVE AT LEAST 1 HITTER or 1 PITCHER.

All teams will can carry up to 30 minor league players.

There will be 4 spots reserved for injured players. Only players on the MLB DL will qualify for these spots.

All active rosters must consist of players on active major league rosters. No storing of extra minors leaguers in active roster spots.

If you have any interest in joining the league and would like an invite please contact

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