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Yahoo Keeper League Teams Available

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Need some teams to get taken over, got some abandoned teams that need new ownership, each league is a Free Yahoo keeper league in either its first or second year so still fresh..

If interested in a team send me a PM or Reply in here and ill send an invite..

Scoring Categories: (Each League Uses the Same Scoring

Field Goals Made, Field Goal %, Free Throws Made, Free Throw %, 3 Points Made, 3 Point %, Points Scored, Offensive Rebounds, Defensive Rebounds, Assists, Steals, Blocked *****, Turnover

Keeper Rules:

Each team is allowed to keep 6 players, each offseason.

A Few leagues will have a rookie draft class

League 1


League 2

Team A - Go Braves

PG - K. Irving, D Williams

SG - E. Gordon, R. Allen

SF - E. llyasova, C. Parsons

PF - P. Millsap, E. Brand

C - N. Hilario, T. Thompson

UT - K. Lowry, J. Nelson

BN - N. Vucecic, R. Felton, J. Dudley, L. Stephenson, K. Koufos, B. McClemore

Team B - Tanners Team

PG - J. Teague, J. Lin

SG - P. George, M. Ginobli

SF - S. Marion, G. Wallace

PF - P. Gasol, J. Noah

C - M. Gasol, A. Bynum

UT - M. Gortat, M. Thornton

BN - E. Okafor, M. Chalmers, C. Delfino, J. Terry, D Wright, P. Patterson

League 3

Team C - Ghosts Team

PG - D. Wade, E. Bledsoe

SG - L. Stephenson, P. George

SF - K. Thompson, H. Barnes

PF - J. Hill, C. Kaman

C - R. Hibbert, J. Valanciunas

UT - N. Cole, G. Wallace, W. Johnson

BN - K. Farried, J, Crowder, D. Waiters, B. Diaw, T. Harris, B. Beal, D. Harris

Team D - Lob City Ballers

PG - B. Knight, D. Lillard

SG - J. Harden, T. Hardaway

SF - J. Johnson, P. Pierce

PF - P. Patterson, S. llbaka

C - .D. Cousins,A. Bargnani

UT - D. Carroll, C. Watson, T. Sefolosha

BN - T. Allen, M. Harkless, M. Williams, O. Mayo, A. Bradley, J, Green, J. McGee

Team E - Go Braves

PG - K. Irving, S. Livingston

SG - M. Thornton, T. Ariza

SF - E. llysavoa, A. Morrow

PF - T. Duncan, N. Hilario

C - E. Brand, A. Jefferson

UT - M. Dunleavey, G. Dragic, S. Dalembert

BN - N. Vucevic, R. Lopez, G. Hill, N. Pekovac, J. Nelson, J. Meeks, J. Evans

Team F - Detroit Ballers

PG - M. Williams, M. Chalmers

SG - V. Carter, B. McClemore

SF - D. Williams, G. Antekounmpo

PF - L. Deng, K. Middleton

C - S. Hawes, R. Anderson

UT - E. Turner, I. Shumpert, B. Jennings

BN - T. Snell, M. World Peace, K. Garnett, C. Paul, D. Howard, B. Griffin, K. Martin

Team G - Chicago Blues

PG - J. Wall, K. Lowry

SG - N. Robinson, J. Butler

SF - G. Henderson, J. Salmons

PF - K. Love, A. Stoudmire

C - J. Thompson, A. Bogut

UT - C. Zeller, M. Morris, T. Lawson

BN - B. Bass, J. Noah, S. Marion, S. Blake, T. Young, A. Bynum, A. Len

Team H - Balakay

PG - M. Ellis, J. Crawford

SG - J. Smith, J. Jack

SF - C. Anthony, A. Kirlenko

PF - D. Lee, T. Thompson

C - M. Gasol, G. Monroe

UT - L. Scola, I. Thomas, S. Battier

BN - C. Brewer, C. Landry, A. Blatche, M. Speights, J. Crawford, M. Belinielli, G. Neal

League 4 (This League has a Rookie Draft)

Team I - Sams Team

PG - C. Paul, G. Dragic

SG - W Matthews, A. Affolo

SF - T. Young, T. Allen

PF - D. Carrol, K. Faried

C - A. Blatche, R. Lopez

UT - E. Gordon, D. Collision

BN - P. Millsap, A. Bougut, M. Ginobli

Team J - Sarahs Team

PG - J. Wall, T. Parker

SG - R. Foye, J. Lin

SF - C. Anthony, V. Carter

PF - T. Duncan, C. Boozer

C - M. Gortat, A. Bynum

UT - T. Burke, A. Stoudmire

BN - M. KIdd - Gilchrist, J. Vesely, B. McClemore

Team K - Michigan Wolverines

PG - D. Lillard, J. Teague

SG - M. Ellis, E. Turner

SF - T. Ross, C. Miles

PF - D. Cousins, A. Varejo

C - N. Pekovic, J. Henson

UT - T. Thompson, R. Jackson

BN - E. Bledsoe, M. Williams, T. Mozgov

Team L - Majectis Team

PG - A. Burks, A. Bradley

SG - B. Beal, G. Henderson

SF - R. Gay, C. Brewer

PF - K. Love, D. Lee

C - Z. Randolph, G. Monroe

UT - J. Reidck, B. Bass

BN - B. Knight, R. Westbrook, M. Morris

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But i can only take one or two max, assign me to whichever two you want. Please and thank you.

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I'll take Team F (Detroit Ballers) in League 3 and Team K or L in League 4

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All invites have been sent i got a few extra teams ima post thanks everyone for joining

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