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Need 1 owner ASAP Slow draft in progress

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Start up year of a 16 team h2h points dynasty league.

We are finishing up the draft and an owner dropped out. $30 fee for this team is already paid! You will not need to pay an entry fee for the first year!

This is a super active league! 15 very dedicated owners!

30 man rosters plus 10 minors

20 keepers on contracts plus 5 minors


Slow Snake draft.

If you are interested email me at

Here is the roster of the team that needs a replacement owner

Moreland, Mitch(1B) TEX

Arenado, Nolan(3B) COL

Cozart, Zack(SS) CIN

Soriano, Alfonso(LF) NYY

Gardner, Brett(CF) NYY

Beltran, Carlos(RF) NYY

Jones, Garrett(1B,RF) MIA

Martinez, Victor(U) DET

Alfaro, JorgeĀ© TEX

DeShields, Delino(2B) HOU

Franco, Maikel(3B) PHI

Baez, Javier(SS) CHC

Crawford, J.P.(SS) PHI

Springer, George(LF) HOU

Ervin, Phil(CF) CIN

Polanco, Gregory(RF) PIT

Piscotty, Stephen(LF) STL

Garcia, Jaime(SP) STL

Miller, Shelby(SP) STL

Ventura, Yordano(SP) KC

Wacha, Michael(SP) STL

Clippard, Tyler(RP) WAS

Hernandez, David(RP) ARI

Kelly, Joe(RP,SP) STL

Martinez, Carlos(RP) STL

Siegrist, Kevin(RP) STL

Storen, Drew(RP) WAS

Stroman, Marcus(SP) TOR

Motte, Jason(RP) STL

Reyes, Alexander(SP) STL

McCullers, Lance(RP) HOU

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