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New 10 Team 7x7 Dynasty Roto League ($40)

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This is a brand new 10 Team Dynasty Roto League.

It is a $40 buy in through League Safe and CBS will be the league home.


21 Active

5 Reserve

2 Injury Spots

15 Minors

7x7 Cat:




The draft will be a slow draft, with a 12 hour clock. MLB and Minors will draft at the same time in one draft. Random draft order and snake format.

Team Names and Logos: Minor League Teams


1st: $200

2nd: $100

3rd: $45

If you are interested please respond by emailing me at

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Annual League Fee: $40 ( Funds are secured in account )

Total League Dues: $40

Roto 7x7

Daily Lineups

Rosters: 21 active / 5 reserves / 15 minors / 2 DL



Categories: 7x7



National Baseball League Rules

Player eligibility

We use CBSsports as our league host site. They determine a players eligible position, therefore we will use their determinations.

Team Add / Drops

Teams are allowed to make add/drops during the season and off season. Rosters freeze for playoffs. Teams are free to add/drop as much as they want. A player dropped goes on waivers for 24 hours and able to be claimed by anytime. Players not on waivers are free agents and can be picked up at anytime during the regular season.

Playoff add / drops.

Once the regular season ends NO teams can add ANY players to their roster including playoff teams. If each owners responsibility to ensure their team is set how they want it before the playoffs begin. If you have injuries occur you still remain with your same roster. Non-playoff teams also cannot add players during the playoffs.

Minor league and International player free agents.

Minor league players who are already SIGNED with an MLB franchise and playing in the minor leagues are allowed to be added via free agency. However, you may not add a minor league player who is not affiliated with an MLB franchise also, Please note: prospects from the draft class of the current season are not allowed to be added via free agency until after our draft has completed for that specific season

International signed players are only added during our prospect drafts. These players are not free agent eligible. Except for our inagural league initial drafts. Each season as the Interntional players sign with teams they are not allowed to be add until next seasons prospect draft. International players MUST be signed by an MLB franchise for us to be able to own them in the league.

Minor League Players

Each team can hold upto 15 minor league eligible maximum. Hitters that have 150 AB's or less are minor league eligible and pitchers with 100 Innings pitched or less are minor league eligible. Both hitters and pitchers that have NOT exceeded these limits are eligible to be cycled back and forth from MLB Active / Reserve roster to minor league roster as much as you want, but once the player(s) pass their limit of 150/ 100 the player must remain on active / reserve roster unless the player is sent back down to the minors by his MLB parent team. Teams cannot put MLB players who have passed these limits into minors to make room for a minor. If you cycle minors back and forth you must make the roster space available to do so.

Minor league players are eligible to be traded. If you trade a minor league eligible player ( who is playing in the MLB but has not reached his limits) he is eligible to be on either the MLB roster or minor league roster of the team he being traded to. All same rules would apply. Once player passes his limits on his new team he would not be eligible to return to the minors unless his MLB parent team sends him to the minors.

Annual Prospect Draft. ( First-Year player draft )

** Our inaugural season draft will be a random order and draft order will be determined before the start of the 2014 season.

Each summer ( After the MLB signing deadline) we will hold our annual prospect draft of the new prospects that were drafted in that years MLB First-Year entry draft. This draft is 5 rounds each summer. The only players eligible for this draft are the player that were selected in the MLB First-Year player draft of that specific season. Players that were selected in previous seasons but not drafted in our league are free agents and not eligible for entry-drafts.

Annual Prospect draft picks are eligible to be traded. Draft picks eligible to be traded are all rounds 1 thru 5 and only allowable for ONE season in advance.

The draft order each season is determined by the previous seasons end of year standings. Worst to First is the draft order.

Disabled List.

- Only players that get moved to their MLB team disabled list are eligible to be placed on your team Disabled List. You have one full scoring period to remove player from disabled list. Failure to remove player in this time frame will result in team roster being illegal.


Team may trade unlimited times during the off season and during the season. The trade deadline will be set to Aug 7th. Teams cannot trade after Aug 7th. Once the playoffs end and the off season begins teams can begin trading again.

Owner responsibility and league etiquette

Each owner is to show their fellow league owners and the league rules respect. Each of us are to conduct ourselves in an adult manner. Talking smack , bragging etc is allowed just keep things peaceful and civilized. If abuse takes place please notify the commissioner of such happenings with the documentation method (such as an email). Warnings will be issued if its deemed serious enough. After an initial warning if the behavior does not stop then further methods will be taken.

Settings lineups daily is mandatory in this league setup. You may set your lineups in advance if you will be offline for a few days or on vacation etc etc. If a teams lineup has not been set ( rotated) daily for 3 days an email will be sent to the owner. If after 5 days the lineup as not changed at all and the comish will assume changing the lineup for that team. Once 7 days arrives and still no contact from the Team GM in question the comish assumes the team GM has gone AWOL and will make arrangements for removal of GM and a new GM will gain control of the team.

If you are leaving for a period of time ( such as a vacation ) and you need lineup assistance the comish can set your lineup for you or an owner of your choice can help set your lineup.

The key is communication.

League Payouts.

League Champion = $200

2nd Place = $100

3rd Place = $45

Total Prize Money = $345

Winnings are paid through our account at the end of the season.

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