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$200, 12 team, 6x6, live auction, roto keeper league needs 2 teams in South OC

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Longstanding, 20 year keeper league is looking for 2 managers for our league this year. We are having a LIVE AUCTION DRAFT in late March in South Orange County, California, so you have to live relatively close.

Rosters are 35 players, with 10 pitchers and 15 hitters(C,C,1B,1B,2nd,SS,MI,3B,3B,OF,OF,OF,OF,OF,U), and a 10 player bench. Rotisserie categories are 6 hitting: AVG., OBP, HRs,Runs, RBIs,Steals; and 6 pitching: ERA,WHIP,K's,Saves,Wins, and Innings pitched.

Rules: You can keep 20 players currently(15 regular and 5 reserve contracts), but the rule is changing to 15 players next year(10 regular and 5 reserve contracts). You can keep players up to 4 years: 2 years at their initial contract, and then in year 3, you can offer them either a 1-year or 2-year contract for an additional $6 per year. So if you offer a 1-year contract, a player's price goes up an additional $6 for year 3. And if you offer a player a 2-year contract, his price goes up an additional $12 for both year 3 and 4.

$200 buy-in. Payouts for top 4 finishers and top 2 category winners.

Email if interested:

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