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Looking for 2 Teams for a Different Type of Fantasy League

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Looking for 2 teams for an alternate reality league. Basically, we took the idea behind the proposed Continental League of 1959-1961 and expanded on it. To get a team all one has to do is claim a region then decide where in that region they want their team. Currently the Northwest (WA, OR, ID, WY MT) and Southwest (TX, OK, AZ, NM, CO, UT) regions are open. All teams are established in 1990 or earlier (all of our current teams predate WWII but that doesn't have to be the case with your team). Once you've decided on your team, it is up to you to come up with the team history, logo and such (we will help you with any/all of this if you like). The league drafts next month and is currently a head to head league (we may make it a keeper league but we'll see) Any questions, feel free.


Stat Categories & Roster

Info for New Teams

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