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Bobby Jones

2 Leagues (AL and NL) looking for 2 more owners per league

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We've been playing in each league for 23 years now. We presently have 10 owners in each league looking to play with 12 per league. This year both leagues will have a redraft, but are looking to play with keepers going forward. Will vote at draft if having keepers or not. Trades are done through league vote.

Standard 5 X 5 auction league. We have our draft in a rented room in Long Island. It will be on Sunday, March 30th with AL at 10am and NL at 3pm same room.

Rules are pretty basic, and with trading there is no dumping. If playing with keepers the following years all players traded cannot be kept for following year (or years), which takes care of any potential dumping.

Top 4 teams are money winners: 1st place gets $1,200, 2nd place $600, 3rd place $330, and 4th place $240

Any players put on DL or sent to minors we use a budget of fake $100 to bid on free agents to replace them.

If interested please leave email address and I will get back to you.

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